How many times have you seen Sholay? Does it matter? Sholay is a classic because you know at precisely which second to say, "Kitne aadmi the?" along with Gabbar Singh. It’s considered the greatest Hindi film ever made because you can still feel your adrenaline pumping as you watch Jai and Veeru’s stunts during that thrilling dacoit attack on a speeding train, or feel the dread when you see a child look at Gabbar as a swing creaks ominously. It depicts wonderful love – in the comic romance between Veeru and Basanti, or the unspoken longing between Jai and Radha.

38 years after it first opened with stereophonic sound on 70 mm, Sholay has been converted  into 3D for re-release this week. Another generation will experience Sholay for the first time on the big screen. Putting on 3D glasses and watching Sholay again, presented in Dolby Atmos, its sound redesigned, was an enhanced experience no doubt, but I believe the film’s magic remains in Salim-Javed’s masterful story-telling and Ramesh Sippy‘s inspired direction. This is a spaghetti western like no other because of its characters, its dialogues, the gripping action, the menacing villain and the story of how he was crushed by two fearless men who dared to take him on.
Sholay on the big screen is an exhilarating 3 hour 24 minute-movie event, with or without 3D glasses. It is wildly entertaining, unforgettable cinema, and I’m willing to bet that it’ll probably be the best film you’ll see in the theatres this year. Don’t miss it. 

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