Neil Nitin Mukesh delivers another good performance in Shortcut Romeo. But even with one good performance after another he hasn’t yet received his due as far as good roles are concerned. His plight however is not as grave as Ameesha Patel’s. After a couple of small roles as the quintessential bimbo, she comes back strongly as the rich infidel wife in this film. 

A typical Bollywood fast – paced thriller with south style action Shortcut Romeo is definitely not boring. With twists and turns at every step (especially the second half), the film is a fast one despite being a lengthy affair. South director Susi Ganesh ventures into Bollywood with this remake of his own 2006 super hit ‘Thiruttu Payale’. 

The devil-may-care Suraj (Mukesh) catches Monica (Patel) & her lover in the act. Films them and starts blackmailing her when he finds out she’s rich. His greed keeps increasing until he meets a certain damsel called Sherry (Gupta) on a trip to Kenya and falls in love with her. All hell breaks loose when he finds out who she really is. 
Despite typical south-style gravity defying fight scenes to complement the shaky screenplay, the film probably has enough twists and turns to hold you. But if an illogical chase game with attempts at profound wisdom from time to time is not your thing, then it’s easily avoidable.

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