Shree: Movie Review

Review:Shree is the story of a commoner, Shreedhar Upadhyay (Hussain Kuwajerwala) who falls prey to greed. Shree works as an accountant at a mobile phone company earning a meager 12,700 rupees a month. However, the owner of the organization, Jairaaj Randhawa (Rio Kapadia), offers him a deal that changes his life forever. A science professor (Raj Arjun) has developed a scientific technique through which the world can be saved from accidents and disasters. This experiment can only be triggered only by a human being who’ll have to gamble his life. Shree overcome by greed agrees to do this, probably more so because he is unaware that his life is in danger. All hell breaks loose once the experiment is triggered. Shree has to face the terrible repercussions of this experiment in his personal and social life.

The film is nothing short of a disappointment. For one, a sci-fi film that has poor SFX is just a bit too hard to digest. Sonu (Anjali Patil), Shree’s love interest does a good job of playing a typical Marathi mulgi. However the director and writer, Rajesh Bachchani has gone over the top with Marathi and Bambaiya Hindi dialogues, blaring in and out of scenes. Patil gave a far better performance in Chakravyuh (2012), but in Shree her role leaves her with nothing much to do but to shout dialogues in Marathi. The background score of the film has a very television soap-like production quality. The background score alongwith the over-the-top Marathi and Bambaiya Hindi dialogues makes it even more difficult to concentrate. The director has chosen an uber intellectual concept as his subject, but fails to make an impression because of poor screenplay.

Hussain since his TV soap days has come across as a very sincere actor, and in Shree he does just that. Sheena Jaiswal, who plays a negative role has done a fantastic job.
The music of the film is composed by Talaash Band The Band of Seekers & Claver Menezes. Amongst all the songs in the film, Tu Has Le is worth mentioning. It has a soulful melody and is aptly placed in the film.

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