Akshay Kumar is charming. Akshay Kumar is funny. Akshay Kumar is badass. If you doubt any of these facts, watch Singh is Bliing. The film, which serves as The Akshay Kumar Show, is a display of everything that makes the superstar a fan favorite. But hey, we’re not complaining! After all, there’s no one quite as awesome as Akshay Kumar, is there?


When Raftaar Singh‘s (Akshay Kumar) father sent him to Goa to get a "real job", he could never have imagined the adventure that would follow! Raftaar must protect Sara (Amy Jackson), a Romanian young woman whose life is in danger. What he doesn’t know is that Sara is tough enough to give every baddie a run for his money! Enter Emily (Lara Dutta), the interpreter who helps them communicate, and Raftaar’s best friends, and we have a hilarious comedy of errors!

The film, which starts off with the peppy number Tung Tung Baje, establishes its tone right at the beginning. Singh is Bliing is a delightful, kooky comedy that for never a moment tries to be anything else but that. Despite tackling some serious topics, the film never takes itself too seriously, making for perfect weekend viewing.

And what is a good comedy without its actors? Akshay Kumar is impressive in his portrayal of Raftaar Singh- the quirky but kind-hearted protagonist. Though he is backed by some equally noteworthy performances, it’s safe to say that the actor carries the film on his shoulders. Newcomer Amy Jackson is also delightful as Sara, the gorgeous leading lady who isn’t afraid to kick some butt. However, it is the chemistry between Akshay and Amy that gives the film heart and makes it truly special. Their interactions, which are reminiscent of Lost in Translation, will certainly make you smile.

Lara Dutta, who returns to the screen with Singh is Bliing, is also worthy of recognition for her portrayal of Emily. Though she plays a supporting character, Lara’s performance is one of the highlights of the film. Anil Mange and Arfi Lambe are also hilarious as Raftaar’s sidekicks, and we hope to see more of them soon. If there’s one actor in the film who feels underutilized, it’s Kay Kay Menon, whose character feels like the caricature of a villain.

Along with its strong performances, Singh is Bliing also has one very important point to its credit. The feel-good factor. Prabhudeva‘s latest venture is a lighthearted comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The film’s only intent is to entertain, and it does so well. Between the signature Akshay Kumar action and the crazy comedy, this film has it all covered. Though the jokes will crack you up, the occasional repetition might bother. Still, this is easy to ignore in an otherwise entertaining film!

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Singh is Bliing is a stressbuster. If you want to enjoy a mindless comedy this weekend, Singh is Bliing is undoubtedly your best bet. Watch it for the great performances, the comic situations and the mind-blowing action!