Verdict: Amole Gupte's artistic frames leave you wanting more.

We have been blessed with five senses and to be honest, life can be pretty difficult if you can't use anyone of those senses. If you think, that you can survive without the sense of smell, the first 15 mins of Sniff will convince you otherwise. Talking about disabilities is nothing new in Bollywood but Amole Gupte's “Sniff!!!“ certainly adds a new twist to it. The setting of the movie is so real, that you might expect it to happen in your society. Having said that, the movie has its fair share of supernatural elements as well and the reaction to those moments we might rather you experience yourself.
Sniff - BookMyShowThe movie starts with a visual-olfactory tour of Sunny Gill's kitchen where his father is preparing pickle. You might feel that it is cooking show in high-definition. But with the name of the movie still fresh in your head you even smell all the spices and herbs as the most amazing pickle is being prepared and bottled. Two months later when the bottle is opened in the Gill household, no one can stop sniffing the perfectly made pickle, except little Sunny because he does not seem to have the sense of smell much to the disappoint of his Beejee (Surekha Sikhri). His dad and sister are pretty supportive of the little guy and even take him to top doctors who can't seem to find any solution. Sunny, a quiet kid, makes his way to school and accidentally steps on poop but doesn't realize it since he can't smell, much to the delight of his classmates who can't wait to make fun of him. Disheartened, he makes his way to an abandoned chemical lab in the school and accidentally mixes a couple of chemicals which clear the block in his nose and leaving him with a superior sense of smell. He doesn't wait long before putting his nose to good use and earning money from identifying what people have eaten the night before and looking for things for people in his society until a car is stolen and it is up to Sunny now to find it.
Sniff - BookMyShowSunny's society is like any other society with assorted people you would even find, probably in your own society. There are uncles who have nothing else to do but ridicule others, there are tenants who are late on maintenance, there is a secretary who is talking about asking maintenance from a tenant who is dead and of course every one of them shuts up when there are talks of increasing the maintenance and when the samosas are distributed. They also have their own local inspector Chatterjee played by Sushmita Mukherjee who is strict and sweet at the same time.
Khushmeet Gill as Sunny Gill is adorable, to say the least. He is also good at what he does and plays the quiet and intelligent boy who becomes a spy later. He has his own band of friends who continuously motivate him and even give him advice. We love Manmeet Singh as Sunny's dad and we wish all our dads were as cool as he is. You might blink and miss Divya Dutta as Sunny's mom but you will be missing a good performance.
Amole Gupte proves again that no one can handle kiddie movie like he does. They are the most difficult to get right. There is an innocence which drips with every frame of the movie. He also proved that film making is an art. He takes his time showing us the smallest of things like the vapors that come when you make tea or the various nuances of peeling an orange or even washing a lunch box. If you are not munching on something while watching all these scenes, it will certainly make your mouth water. Even while doing all this, at no point you wish that he would hurry things up.
He has experimented with all kinds of things –  like there is a sequence which might remind you of Charlie Chaplin or the beginning sequence which makes you think that you are watching a cooking show. His short cameo is something to watch out for. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
A simple concept, a simple story but portrayed in an artful and delightful manner. Watch it for wonderful performances by the cast and watch for that quintessential Amole Gupte touch which will leave you wanting more. Plus you get all this in less than 90 mins.