Verdict: Street Dancer 3 is a visual treat backed by powerhouse dancers.

The arts are powerful. Be it music, dance, or theatre, they all invoke a deep sense of passion and become a strong part of your identity. This is exactly what you get to witness in Street Dancer 3. This Remo D’Souza directorial takes dance and uplifts it to a whole new level of passion, thrill, and excitement.

What’s Street Dancer 3 About:

When the film opens, we meet a passionate Sahej (Varun Dhawan) who is a spoilt brat that lives with his parents and his older brother in London. Sahej has one rule and that is never to be Number 2. However, his happy bubble of being the best dancer is quickly busted by Inayat (Shraddha Kapoor), a Pakistani girl who’s got the moves and swag. We soon see that Sahej and Inayat are arch-rivals and captains of the Street Dancers and Rule Breakers respectively. They have one goal and that is to prove their supremacy over the other. Just like an overly intense India vs Pakistan cricket match, we see occasional and fierce dance battles between the two teams who are also constantly trash-talking each other. Everything changes when the ultimate and highly prestigious dance battle called Ground Zero is announced. While both teams are prepping to win this competition, an incident takes place that drastically changes their perspectives on life and their outlook towards the competition.

What Works:

Varun Dhawan executes his cool, flamboyant character who manages to catch your attention with his dominating screen presence to perfection. His character’s passion for dance comes from wanting to fulfill his brother’s dream of winning a competition that he could not win because of an injury. This motivation is palpably visible in the sweet chemistry he shares with his brother. On the other hand, Shraddha Kapoor is bold and unafraid; her swag and style definitely add that wow factor to the movie. However, the character that takes Street Dancer 3 to the next level is Prabhu Deva. His dance moves and confident style will leave you hooked. The choreography of all the dance sequences are brilliant and the VFX just adds to the magic.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The story would’ve left a much deeper impact if the character and plot were explored a little more. Varun and Nora Fatehi‘s relationship in the movie seems superficial and lacks that sizzling chemistry.

Why You Should Watch:

Street Dancer 3 is a visual treat, especially in 3D, and it’s an entertainer through and through. The high-energy dance sequences and songs will keep you hooked till the end.