Verdict: A perfect debut for Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday.

Student Of The Year 2 has been the talk of the town for quite a while now and for all the right reasons. With two new faces being introduced, this Punit Malhotra film had everyone excited. Starring Tiger Shroff, Ananya Panday, and Tara Sutaria as the new students of this Dharma Production, will this film live up to its hype? Will this film bring success to Tara and Ananya as it did to Alia, Siddharth, and Varun in the first part? These questions will be answered soon.

What’s Student Of The Year 2 About:

Rohan (Tiger Shroff), a student of Musorie’s Pishorilal Chamandas has eyes on only one thing – Mridula Chawla (Tara Sutaria). Childhood sweethearts, Rohan and Mridula are separated when Mridula transfers to St. Teresa, a Dehradun college many students wish to be a part of. With his eyes only on his girlfriend, Rohan secures a sports scholarship and gets admitted to St. Teresa much to the shock of Mridula who has now rechristened herself Miya Chawal to fit into the world of St. Teresa. Rohan’s entry ruffles a few feathers namely that of Manav Singh Randhava (Aditya Seal), the school’s champion and the two-time winner of the Student of the Year trophy. Rohan gets in the bad books of Manav’s sister, Shreya Singh Randhava (Ananya Panday) too. Rohan gets kicked out of St. Teresa challenges and joins back his old college Pishorilal Chamandas and trains his mates hard for the Dignity Cup competition in which they have been placed in the last two positions for a few years now. Will Pishorilal Chamands be able to beat St. Teresa, the reigning champions of the Dignity Cup? Watch the film to find out.

What Works:

The film gives Tiger ample opportunity to showcase his immense capabilities. His dance and acrobatics skills are on full display in Student of the Year 2. There were quite a few tastefully done jokes about his previous films that had the audience in splits.

Coming to the most-awaited debutantes – Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday, they delivered very well. While Tara had a much quieter screen presence, Ananya had a louder one. Ananya as the witty Shreya Randhava was refreshing and hilarious in most parts. Tara was effortless and has a promising future in Bollywood and so does Ananya Panday. A commercial film with lots of college and relationship drama, this is the perfect film for anyone looking for a Hindi youth-oriented college drama. But Punit Malhotra does not limit Student of the Year 2 to only the college-life genre, he adds loads of action in it too. Not just Tiger, even Aditya Seal displayed some killer moves courtesy of his martial arts training and takes this movie to a whole new level.

What Should Have Been Better:

The film’s length could have been trimmed to make it more crisp. Tara Sutaria’s character had very little development as compared to Ananya which is a little disappointing. This film didn’t have enough of the sizzling on-screen chemistry that was remarkable in the first part – a little Ishq Wala Love would have been nice to see.

Why You Should Watch:

Student of the Year 2 was the most-awaited youthful entertainer of 2019 and it is an entertainer for sure that the younger audience will love. Watch the film for stunning dance and high-octane action sequences from Tiger Shroff. It is a pure treat for the actor’s fans, no doubt about it. Ananya and Tara are actors to look out for too and their promising debut should not be missed.

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