Verdict: Sui Dhaaga romances your inner patriot whilst daring you to dream big.

“Dreams come true. Without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.”.

This popular quote by John Updike sums up the vibe of Sui Dhaaga, which has been backed by the entertaining talents of the Dum Laga Ke Haisha director Sharat Katariya and stars Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma. The film has managed to create waves on its day of release. For a movie that promotes social entrepreneurship in a big way, Sui Dhaaga is uncorrupted and endearing. With an excellent supporting cast of a sarcastic father played by Raghubir Yadav and an adorable mother played by Yamini Dass, Sui Dhaaga salutes opportunities, curtseys dreams. and recognizes the excellence of Bollywood’s filmmaking.

What’S Sui Dhaaga About:

The story of a family of simpletons living in impoverished conditions, Sui Dhaaga traces the journey of Mauji (Varun Dhawan) and his intelligent yet submissive wife Mamta (Anushka Sharma). In a life that is ridden with commute-heavy jobs, never-ending house chores, an ailing mother, an unsupportive father, a henpecked brother, and an iron-handed boss, Mauji and Mamta dream and they dream big! After leading a vanilla life for far too long and being publicly insulted, Mauji, with Mamta’ backing (and eventually his entire family), starts a business of his own. The biggest hurdle in their way is an unfair and a power warped competition and unfortunately, this event is going to decide the future of Mauji and Mamta’s clothing label ‘Sui Dhaaga’.

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What Works:

Although all characters do justice to their individual roles, the movie clearly belongs to Varun Dhawan. He infuses Mauji’s character with such a balance of sweetness and distress that you will find yourself rooting for him throughout. Throughout the movie, in spite of all hardships, Mauji manages to attract a string of serendipitous incidents. The honesty with which Varun has managed to bring this to the screen is indeed a pleasure to watch. Supporting his excellence is Anushka Sharma, who once again proves that she was born to rule the big screen. An overtly simple girl with a core of steel and the guts to support her man through the good times and bad, Mamta is the air beneath Mauji’s wings. Her subtle and innocent chemistry with her husband manages to bring smiles while her tears give the movie its strength. With Sui Dhaaga, both these fine actors have stepped out of their comfort zones and this perseverance manages to keep the film gliding during the few moments of turbulence. Apart from the performances, Sui Dhaaga also urges you to think about the dying Indian arts and crafts industry, and the poor plight of talented artisans and India’s traditional weavers. This parallel storyline adds to the movie’s dynamism and uniqueness.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Many scenes in the movie are quite predictable and we would have loved to see the unexpected. Nonetheless, this small loophole is well covered by the other mostly-amazing events that Sui Dhaaga is laden with.

Movie Review Sui Dhaaga-BookMyShow

Why YOU Should Watch:

Watch Sui Dhaaga because, in an age of sanctioned love stories, this movie is heart-warming, relatable and gives you ample reasons to justify the emotions. It manages to strike a fine balance and is neither too preachy nor too wobbly. Sui Dhaaga is a heart-warming story that manages to have a mind of its own and this is the movie’s biggest strength. It sends across a powerful message and will make you drop everything and chase your dreams. To top it all, you should watch Sui Dhaaga to actually see how Ek Machine Ne Ek Aadmi Bana Diya – Ekdum Made In India!