Sulemani Keeda (read: pain in your derriere) is a light-hearted comedy that features men’s humor and a twisted love story. Directed by debutant Amit Masurkar and produced on a small budget, the film portrays the flipside of Bollywood with a comical twist. The script is full of situational and crass jokes that will definitely tickle your funny bone. Moreover, the film introduces many new and fresh faces who have exceptionally embodied their well-etched characters. With small-budget movies creating an uproar in Bollywood, Sulemani Keeda is one of the films that will charm you with its refreshing plot, scintillating narration and over-dramatic yet funny dialogues.

The story revolves around Dulal and Mainak, two young writers who are struggling to make it big in Bollywood. However, the only clause in their claim-to-fame dream is that their script is mediocre and has nothing new to offer. Things get worse when Mainak falls in love with a photographer, Ruby. With Dulal bent on taking their not-so-happening script forward and Mainak sulking around with his botched personal life, whether or not the two will be able to realize their goal forms the crux of the story.

Naveen Kasturia and Mayank Tiwari are remarkable as Dulal and Mainak. They effortlessly slip into their characters, with performances that will remind you of many male-oriented films in Bollywood. Aditi Vasudev, who plays the love interest, also shines in her role. However, the USP of the film is the humor and perfectly-timed dialogues, which make Sulemani Keeda a pleasant watch.
Sulemani Keeda has quirks and twists that all men can relate to, but the story loses its pace by the end. The songs are melodious, but they don’t really help the plot. Nevertheless, the film is an entertainer that features cameos by several big-wigs of Bollywood.
Why you should watch this film?
Sulemani Keeda is an indie film full of humor, love, emotions and Bollywood. The film excels when it comes to the performances and dialogues, but the story lacks pace and loses its grip by the end. However, if you love indie films, then you must watch Sulemani Keeda with your friends.

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