Verdict: A film that tugs at your heart strings.

It's that time of the year again! Yes, Eid! Har baar ki tarah, iss baar bhi Eid ki party, bhai ki taraf se. After all, isn't celebrating the auspicious day almost synonymous with watching a Salman Khan flick? This year is no different. His latest outing, the sports drama, Sultan, hit theatres today, and how! This one has doses of romance, music and action-packed sequences.


Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Sultan is the story of Sultan Ali “Salman” Khan, a wrestler from Rewari, Haryana whose dream is to win a gold medal for the country. His love interest, Aarfa (Anushka Sharma), a state champion in the same sport, also strives to achieve the same. Things seem all hunky dory, until Sultan finally lives his dream of representing his country. His triumph becomes the main reason things start to fall apart.


Although, the first few minutes of the film are a tad bit slow and one would find it hard to connect instantly, that is not to say it remains so. Fifteen minutes into the film, we have exactly what we had been eagerly waiting for- a glimpse of bhai. It is here that the pace picks up and also manages to transition from the present to the past and back smoothly.


The second half is all about a wrestler who wishes to turns things around and decides to give his life and sport a second chance.
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With a run time of 170 minutes, the film succeeds in being more than just a tale of an underdog. It touches upon abstract qualities that have universal appeal – determination, ego, and the human spirit. Despite loopholes in the narrative, we find the film lived up to the quality that makes Indian cinema real- it takes us through an emotional roller-coaster, as promised.

Besides imparting a relevant message about the power of perseverance, the film is remarkable for its well-written dialogues, rounded characters, convincing performances and songs that refuse to leave you.


Why You Should Watch This Movie:
If you're a bhai fan, you do not need this review to tell you why. If you're looking for a reason- watch it for brilliant performances.