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Sunshine Music Tours and Travels: Film Review: Disappointing

Verdict: The sun failed to shine brightly.

It’s often said that big budget Bollywood movies do well at the box office irrespective of fact that they lack on content. It’s time like these when the cinema goers turn to some budding indie films that try their luck against the biggies in Bollywood. Such films are high on content, have a gripping narration and some impeccable acting. Although they may fall short on the monetary aspect and grand showmanship, they make an enjoyable and pleasant viewing. Sunshine Music Tours and Travels  had so much potential and could have been India's answer to the then famous movie Road Trip but it does not live up to our expectations.Sunshine Music Tours And Travels - Bookmyshow
The plot of the movie is pretty generic which kicks off with the two main protagonists, Sunburn (Sunny Kaushal) and Rajma Romeo (Ashrut Abhinandan Jain), dreaming of making it to the biggest EDM music festival in India – Sunburn. High on music and low on cash, they devise a road trip to Goa tagging along with a bunch of eccentric strangers who are equally fanatic about the whole idea.

The film begins on a high but slides downhill as it eventually progresses. The movie falls short in establishing the main character’s motivation, which is probably why you feel disconnected with the core of the film. Sunny Kaushal, though, he does a decent job in his debut film can only do so much as the script disappoints. Having said that, there are few scenes sprinkled here and there that would surely make you laugh. Also, you have got a cameo from the director himself who does justice to his role (albeit for whatever short time he was on screen). You can certainly pick this film as your weekend pass time.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
A loud shout out for the cinematographer for capturing some really magnificent shots of the Kashmir Valley, Goa and Delhi. Also, if you are choosy about the background score of a film, then this film won't disappoint you.