There are a lot of films out there that talk about the need to let kids enjoy their childhood. Films like Stanley Ka Dabba and Taare Zameen Par are some of the recent ones that have imparted this message with finesse. Take it Easy joins the ranks of these movies to give us a simple story that is both moving and enjoyable. It isn’t a perfect film but gets marks for its honest storytelling and eventual moral.

Ajay and Raghu are two kids from the same school. Both of them are good in academics as well as in sports. Though they come from different financial backgrounds, they have one thing in common – strict, demanding parents. They are constantly forced to do better, score more and win all the races. The parents even recourse to emotional manipulation to get the desired results. Owing to this, the kids end up turning against each other, and lose grip over their humanity to impress their parents. Herein lies the soul of the film.

Take it Easy is well directed and also benefits from a decent soundtrack. You will find yourself empathizing with Ajay and Raghu from time to time, as they cheat, fight, run and do everything in their power to fulfill their parents’ ambitions.

The film explores its characters well during the first half, making you care for their plight. But when the kids start getting slapped around for every little thing, you start wondering if the filmmakers want to choke the message down our throats. Another major complaint with the movie is its poor choice in casting. A movie with kids in leads should at least cast someone who can emote and enunciate properly. Clearly, the child artists in this film are no Darsheel Safarys, but try their level best. The humor in the movie isn’t exactly fresh but makes you smile once in a while.

In the second half, the film starts losing steam thanks to a convoluted plot involving a cruel school chairperson. But it somehow stumbles its way to its climax that ties it all together. Vikarm Gokhale‘s monologue is easily the best-written part of the film.

Why should you watch this film?

Take it Easy stresses on an important message that will resonate with most of us. We have all dealt with parental pressure, competitive exams and disappointments at some point in our lives. The film may not be a complete one in all respects but deserves a watch for its earnestness.

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