Tamanchey (English: locally-made guns) is a romantic-action drama set in the world of crime. There are two outlaws, guns, goons, crime, romance. But everything goes haywire. Debutant director, Navneet Behal tries to offer a desi version of Bonnie and Clyde. But, Tamanchey proves to be a sketchy affair.

Munna (Nikhil Dwivedi) and Bindya Thakur aka Babu (Richa Chadda) have nothing in common apart from their criminal background. They get caught by the cops in different situations and soon end up in the same police van. But as destiny has planned, the van meets with an accident. And our protagonist are the only survivors. They manage to remain hidden for some days and are officially declared dead. This is a fresh start for Munna and Babu.

Babu soon returns to her world of drug peddling in Delhi with her evil Godfather, Rana (Damandeep Singh Siddhu). This leaves Munna disheartened to lose his newly found love interest in a city unknown to him. But our aashiq is a tough player and he manages to find Babu. Will he be able to win over his lady love in this world of crime? Or will he have to be the new-age Ranjha who will sacrifice his life for love? Tamanchey is the answer to all these questions.

Navneet Behal’s (un)usual story starts out as a quirky, fast-paced drama. But 15 minutes into the film, the quirkiness fizzles out making it a rather dull and boring watch. Tamanchey would have been a bang-on movie, had the creative team put a little more thought process in the script. And you are left thinking, ‘What is the whole purpose of this film?’

Though the entire movie went haywire, there are some really interesting facts that could have worked wonders for team Tamanchey. The love story between a small town thug from UP and a drug peddler from Delhi is intriguing. Munna’s dialect with one-liners is indeed enjoyable. Babu’s tough character is amusing  Even after being hardcore criminals, both have a soft side to their personalities, which is genuinely cute. But none of these moments of joy last.

As the movie proceeds, it becomes too predictable with a multitude of flaws throughout its 113 minutes of runtime. As the movie concludes, you leave the theatre with numerous unanswered question. Like, in the van crash everyone dies. But our lead characters come out alive with minimal damage. Robbing banks or petrol pumps in broad daylight, is it really a cakewalk?

Overall, the plot of Tamanchey seems to be wafer-thin. It lacks logic and credibility. There is a scene in which the lead pair starts making out in the locker room while robbing the bank. Infact their lustful romance goes on for so long that fellow robbers along with detained employers and customers are seen taking a nap. Seriously?
Unfortunately, there are several such scenes throughout Tamanchey.

The lead actors, Nikhil and Richa, try to do justice to their respective roles. Owing to poor writing, their characters lack the required depth, leaving them without much to contribute. Nikhil Dwivedi has made a sincere effort to look convincing as a small town criminal. His weird-ish ‘Bhopuri’ styled accent is amusing but it is his innocent expressions that created the magic. On the other hand, Richa Chadda dons the role of a drug dealer for the second time. She showcases the commanding, clever criminal lady act with sheer brilliance. Damandeep Singh Siddhu has nailed the character of Rana Tau. His menacing look with  his hot-headed ‘jaat‘ act is absolutely worth applauding.

Speaking of pace, the editor has done a commendable job by keeping the film fast-paced. But the last few scenes, before the climax where Munna and Babu play ghar-ghar (house), could have been avoided completely. Also the sound track of Tamanchey is forgettable.

Overall, Tamanchey struggles hard but fails miserably.

Why should you watch this film?

One possible reason,  you are a hardcore Bollywood fan and don’t miss any of the releases, irrespective of the fact they are good or bad. Secondly, you enjoy a romantic drama set against the backdrop of guns and goons. Thirdly, Richa Chadda is your favorite actress. Finally, you have nothing interesting to do over the weekend. If all these reasons qualify, then Tamanchey is your watch for this week.

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