It’s amazing how a 20-minute short film can have a powerful impact. Well, that’s the beauty of it. Teaspoon, directed by Aban Bharucha Deohans is nothing short of a masterpiece.

This beautiful piece of work is thought-provoking, marvellously scripted and executed, which ends on a completely ambiguous note leaving the audience spellbound. And that’s exactly how the director wanted it to be.

Meticulous acting is always crucial when it comes to short films, and the acting here is simply top-notch. Kudos to the two lead actors who deliver winning performances.

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The film begins with the female protagonist, Kavita, a housewife, toiling in the kitchen to make breakfast for her bedridden father-in-law. From the very first scene, it’s pretty evident that she has spent most of her life within the four walls of the house. She thrives on gossip and daily soaps. Yes, she wants to move out, be productive like her husband, do something on her own but she is bogged down by household responsibilities. Responsibilities she never asked for. Caring for her ailing father-in-law who is increasing becoming annoying, for instance. As the film progresses, we witness how things turn sour and her world turns topsy-turvy when she does ‘something’ in a fit of rage.

Not wanting to spill the beans but you will not see that 'something' coming. Everything about the film is perfect. The actors do their bit, the sound design is upto the mark, the direction is flawless but if we really have to get nit-picky, there are few random scenes that were really not required. When you re-watch the film, these particular scenes don’t seem to add up and may leave you scratching your head. 

It’s an award-winning short film and rightly so for its ingenious concept. Do watch out for the end as it’s left on an ambiguous note. You may want to read the YouTube comments later for more clarity.