Tera Intezaar: Film Review – A Film For Loyal Sunny Leone Fans

Verdict: Catch Sunny Leone in a mystery-thriller that's worth a watch.

1st of December 2017 was slated to be a big day for Bollywood and its fans since one of the most-awaited and also equally controversial films – Padmavati – was slotted to release. But due to various reasons, the film has been pushed for a later release. However, that does not mean Bollywood fans have nothing to look forward to this weekend. Two films- Firangi and Tera Intezaar – have released with the intent of entertaining movie lovers. Sunny Leone-starrer Tera Intezaar has gained quite an interest since the first look was revealed in September. Tera Intezaar is produced by Aman Mehta and Bijal Mehta of Bageshree Films and directed by Raajeev Walia. The film hits the big screen today and let's find out what it is all about.
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The story of the film is about a much-in-love couple, Veer (Arbaaz Khan) and Raunak (Sunny Leone). Veer is a painter who likes to keep his paintings to himself and does not wish for it to be sold in a gallery. However, Raunak who owns an art gallery convinces him to sell his paintings that she believes ought to be seen by the world. Vikram (Aarya Babbar), Areena (Bhani Singh), Bobby (Salil Ankola) and Janusheen are art dealers and want Veer's paintings at any cost, but Veer has his own conditions before selling his beloved art. This leads to an altercation between Veer and Vikram. Soon, Veer is nowhere to be found and Raunak goes out in search of her lover, with the help of a woman played by Sudha Chandran. How Raunak struggles to find Veer and whether she succeeds is what the film is all about.

Sunny Leone! That name in itself should be able to draw crowds for the film – Tera Intezaar. She plays her part well and looks beautiful and sexy throughout the film. The songs are very catchy and the dance number, Barbie Girl, is perfect for the Baby Doll. Arbaaz Khan does a fine job too. The rest of the cast give a decent performance.

The dialogues are very cliched and could have definitely been worked on. The screenplay is a bit confusing at times. 

If you are a Sunny Leone fan then you should definitely watch it. Also, go for the film to see the fresh pairing of Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone.