Verdict: An action-packed suspense film that is a one-time watch.

Back on the big screen after two years, Teraa Surroor revolves around the lives of Raghu (Himesh Reshammiya) and Tara (debutant Farah Karimi), a happy couple who are soon to be married. Raghu, however, is an assassin posing as a car dealer, something even Tara is not aware of. But what appears to be a happy love story soon gets wrecked in a cliched Bollywood style. 
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Raghu cheats on Tara and when he confesses that to her, she takes off to Dublin. Upon her arrival in Dublin, she is arrested and imprisoned for possession of drugs. Ragu is convinced that Tara has been framed and heads to Dublin to save his lady love. He soon learns that Tara has been set up by someone named Anirudh Brahmi, a man who is apparently non-existent. What ensues is a highly unrealistic attempt to prove Tara’s innocence, wherein, he teams up  with Tara’s lawyer Ellie (Monica Dogra) and the Indian ambassador in Ireland Rajeev Kaul (Shekhar Kapur) to help Tara escape from prison. While back in India, the Indian Police, headed by A.A. Khan (Kabir Bedi), try their best to identify Anirudh Brahmi, who appears to be a ghost covering his trails. 

While the beginning of the film may seem like a jigsaw with you trying to place the pieces together and not in a fun way, the film picks up pace after Raghu meets with Robin Dharamraj Santino (Naseeruddin Shah), a prison escape expert who has fled from 14 prisons. Shah, as usual, shines in his minor but vital role. The escape plan is then put into action and the film shifts gears as the couple tries its best  to flee and the suspense as to who Anirudh Brahmi is seems to be nearing. Raghu’s past comes back to haunt him and adds an unexpected twist to the nail biting end. 

Reshammiya is definitely in his best shape yes, in this film with a ripped six-pack. While the performances of the leads could have been better, the film shines with its music, something which is undoubtedly Reshammiya’s strong suit and the songs are worth a listen. The glass shattering and bullet swooshing actions scenes coupled with Raghu’s badass moves keep you hooked to your seat. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:  

While your first impression of the movie maybe to consider it as a "same old same old", director Shawn Arranha has tried his best to raise the standard in Teraa Surroor. If you’re looking for an action-packed, fast-paced suspense film without being too picky about logic and detail, Teraa Surroor will not disappoint you.

– By Aditi Santhmayer