Verdict: A sequel with many laughs.

Taking off from where the first instalment ended, Tere Bin Laden – Dead or Alive is a decent sequel. The film starts off with Abhishek Sharma (Manish Paul) trying to make the sequel of his film Tere Bin Laden, but his hopes are dashed as Ali Zafar wants to get a bigger director on board. Sharma manages to arm twist the Shetty sisters (the actual producers of the film) and bags the project. Everything goes haywire when President Obama and the CIA want to kill the lead actor Paddi Singh (Pradhuman Singh) as a proof of the dreaded terrorist’s death. To add to the chaos, a terror group wants to show the world that their leader is alive for which, they too, are in search for Paddi. The rest of the film has both the parties trying to get hold of Singh.


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Abhishek Sharma has once again donned the hat of the writer and director. While he does a good job with the direction, the writing could have been better. He tries to infuse comedy into every scene, which not always work. Some of the jokes are quite funny, but the rest simply fall flat. Tere Bin Laden – Dead or Alive would have worked better if it didn’t try so hard. Holding the weak script through are the actors.


Praduman Singh once again is superb as the struggling actor, who is forced to play the terrorist. Sikandar Kher is a surprise package of this film. The actor, who is almost unrecognizable as the CIA agent, gets the best lines and makes most of them. We hope he tries his hand at more such roles. Sugandha Garg, Chirag Vohra and Rahul Singh reprise their roles, but have very little to do in this film. Piyush Mishra as always is brilliant; ditto for Ali Zafar, who makes a special appearance. Manish Paul, who is a big name in television, fails to invoke many laughs. The actor is known for his comic timing, but sadly in this film, he’s the least funny among the cast.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:   

Tere Bin Laden – Dead or Alive may not be as funny as its prequel, but nevertheless, it’s a fun watch. If you are in the mood for some light-hearted comedy, this is the perfect film.