The Attacks of 26/11: Movie Review

Review:  Apparently RGV has taken certain small liberties with the actual facts. But, that didn’t alter my opinion of the film. The film may also be too violent and gruesome – but you can’t put a silencer on your gun if you want people to understand the loud bang the crime has created, can you? It is not about the fact that RGV makes a strong come back with this film. It is also not about the fact that he has taken certain small liberties as they say. It is about the impact of certain pieces of excellent writing and brilliant dialogue that elevates this film. Rommel Rodrigues writes in a way that hits the nail right on it’s head. I distinctly remember claps and whistles when the real meaning of Jihaad is quoted from religious texts by a frustrated Nana Patekar in a morgue. Only an actor of his capabilities can pull off scenes and dialogues like that without making it preachy or overbearing.  Morally relevant & must-experience dialogues plus Nana Patekar, two reasons The Attacks of 26/11 leaves an impact.

Years ago on that dark, ill-fated night, we were glued to our television sets, shocked by the fact that ten young men simply walked in to the city carrying menacing weapons and held it ransom. It is a completely different experience to watch terrorism unfold (albeit from the eyes of a film-maker). One must go through that two-hour experience – recommended. Because we as citizens don’t understand the intensity of religious hate crimes like these unless a loved one is lost. Or unless an RGV comes along and makes a docu-style film about it. Watch Nana Patekar play Joint Commissioner of Police Rakesh Maria as he narrates the sequence of events of that ill-fated night.

RGV manages a good balance between a documentary about a gruesome terrorist attack, a story from the eyes of a senior Police officer along with a strong message about religious tolerance.

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