Verdict: Jeethu Joseph’s suspense thriller is worth staying for till the end.

After making his mark in South Indian cinema, Jeethu Joseph now brings his classic genre of suspense thrillers to Bollywood. His latest film The Body is inspired by a Spanish film of the same name, so chances are that you already know the climax to this story. But if you haven’t watched or read about the original film, steer clear of the internet. The Body has lots of thrilling moments throughout the film and its final reveal is the part you’d want to watch on the big screen.

What’s The Body About: 

SP Jairaj Rawal (Rishi Kapoor) is woken up one night for an urgent matter. Upon reaching the police station, he finds out that a body is missing from the morgue. The cadaver belonged to Maya Verma (Sobhita Dhulipala), an influential businesswoman who died of a cardiac arrest that afternoon. Jairaj calls Maya’s husband Ajay Puri (Emraan Hashmi) and summons him to the station. At that moment, Ajay is with Ritu (Vedhika), his girlfriend and the woman he was cheating on Maya with. Ajay is nervous about Maya’s missing body, especially since he had a part to play in Maya’s death. Jairaj, who believes his wife was murdered many years ago, sees a criminal in everyone and does not trust Ajay. Meanwhile, Ajay finds himself going crazy as there are clues all over the station that suggest that Maya might be alive and is playing games with him.

What Works: 

The Body is the second suspense thriller of the year that has been inspired by a Spanish film, the first being Badla. You can also see many similarities between the two films. Both are based abroad (The Body is set in Mauritius) but have characters who are of Indian origin. The events in both films take place over the course of a few hours with flashbacks to explain the story and in both cases, someone is allegedly murdered and someone has been accused. But the biggest striking similarity is that in both these films, the climax leaves you absolutely stunned. Even in The Body, there are instances all through the movie that hint at the final reveal but you won’t see it coming. The result is the shock you feel at the end that stays with you long after you’re done watching the film. You find yourself going over the story in your head and that’s how you know that Jeethu Joseph has been successful once again with his endeavor.

Complementing the director’s fruitful attempt is the cast of The Body that is held together primarily by Rishi Kapoor. He has a big part to play in the film and this role could not be more suited to anyone else. Emraan Hashmi is also convincing in his part whereas the actresses do not have much to do throughout the film. Yet, Sobhita Dhulipala pulls off her megalomaniac avatar with grace and just the right amount of insanity.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Once the climax is revealed, you cannot help but wonder that the entire ordeal could have been handled differently. But revenge is a dish best served over a cold dead body, so the added drama makes for a thrilling experience.

Why You Should Watch:

If you are a fan of suspense thrillers, book for The Body before the spoilers are all over the internet. The film definitely piques your interest and leaves you with a satisfying ending.