The Bypass, as the name suggests is a tale of a wrong turn followed by a series of crimes. Written and directed by British filmmaker Amit Kumar, the 15-minute-long film features two of the most acclaimed actors of Indian film industry – Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Irrfan Khan. The Bypass was made when both actors were struggling to find their feet in the industry.

The film starts with a newly-wedded couple driving in the middle of a dessert where they swerve towards a bypass. After travelling a few miles, the couple is looted and brutally killed by two bandits, who were hiding behind the sand dunes waiting for their next victim. A police officer comes on a motor bike and stops next to the incident site. Just when you start thinking that the investigation will begin and the bandits will be convicted, you see the policeman taking the golden watch that was left behind by the robbers in a hurry to leave the site. A series of crimes and murders follow.
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It takes guts to make a film as this without a single dialogue and Amit Kumar nailed it. Shooting in real locations not only enhanced the aesthetics of the film but also gave the much required mundane look. The performances are such that each character makes you create their own background story in your mind. Nawazuddin's contemplative yet genuine expressions make it even better without dialogues. Sundar Dan Detha, who plays the mute bandit and ironically the only person who talks, effortlessly conveys the psychopath in him. Irrfan Khan as the policeman remains in his character throughout. 

The short film is based on the vicious circle of karma, and very easily conveys – what goes around comes around. There are many small yet important references in the movie that keep the theme intact and every time you see the film you get to see something new.

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