Verdict: A film that will send chills down your spine.

The opening credits of the film The House Next Door begins by thanking many, which also includes God and the Devil. The last mention drew many laughs and rightly so (who would ever thank the devil?) When you think of it, a horror genre film will actually never exist without the devil nor will the devil exist without a god. Right here, you know that the film is full of surprises and you should hold on to your seat tight, real tight.

What’s The House Next Door About:

The film begins in the 1930’s, where we see a loving Chinese mother and daughter duo. For the first few minutes,  we are shown how the mother-daughter bond is super strong and they are immensely happy together. Soon we are brought to the year 2016 where we are introduced to Dr. Krish (Siddharth), a neurosurgeon, and his wife Lakshmi (Andrea). These two are going about their life doing what a newly-wed couple much in love does, yes, you guessed that right, they have loads of passionate sex. This is when the new neighbors move into the house next door. The movie soon jumps into a serious tone that never drops throughout the entire film. The D’Costa family next door comprises of a grandfather, father Paul (Atul Kulkarni), mother and two daughters Jenny (Anisha Victor) and little Sara. All hell breaks loose when evil spirits wreak havoc into the lives of the D’Costa family, which affects the lives of Dr. Krish and Lakshmi too. Who are these evil spirits and what do they want is what you need to find out? So, go ahead and step into a movie theater near you.

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What Works

The film stays true to its genre i.e. horror and it promises many scary moments that will send chills down your spine. Anisha Victor as Jenny delivers a commendable performance and steals the show. Siddharth successfully breaks out from his chocolate boy image through a terrific performance in the second half. Atul Kulkarni and Andrea Jeremiah, too, portray their characters well. The visuals are perfect, thanks to cinematographer Shreyaas Krishna who emphasizes the terrifying atmosphere in the haunted house and creates a sense of dread. Director Milind Rau along with producer-actor-writer Siddharth give us a pure horror film with a surprising twist at the end.

What Could Have Been Better

The backstory and the cliched reason these evil spirits were formed was a bit of a letdown in an otherwise perfect horror flick. Some of the characters don’t believe others when they speak of having seen/experienced evil spirits, when, actually, they themselves have encountered these spirits. This leaves one wondering why so. Also, the big red crucifix could have been avoided.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The House Next Door is a well-made film with impressive performances. If you are looking for a film that will genuinely surprise and frighten you, this is it.

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