Verdict: Funny in parts, but overall a bit disappointing.

When a Bollywood hero plays a don or a kidnapper, you know that in spite of being intimidating and menacing, he’ll have a heart of gold. He’ll loot the rich but spend lavishly on the poor. He’ll also do anything for the girl of his dreams, which mostly means he will mend his ways. Michael Mishra is no different. 

Played by Arshad Warsi, the man goes about robbing people, stealing food from weddings, and conducts other petty crimes. So much so, that a judge takes a few hours to note down Michael’s wrongdoings. After the love of his life, Varsha (Aditi Rao Hydari), reciprocates his feelings, Mishra decides to change himself. He surrenders to the cops and is given the ‘Kala Pani ki sazaa’. If you have watched a decent number of Hindi films, you know how this love story will end. 

A Tribute to the 90s

Arshad Warsi, though a brilliant actor, very rarely gets an opportunity to showcase his talent. He mostly plays the sidekick and is overshadowed by the lead actor. After Jolly LLB, The Legend of Michael Mishra is the next big film in which he plays the protagonist. In the courtroom drama, he had a rather serious role but in this latest release, he’s doing what he’s best at. His comic timing is terrific and he’ll leave you in splits on several occasions. Unfortunately, Warsi is let down by a weak script. The movie would have worked in the 90s, but if you look at the subjects that directors are dealing with today, The Legend of Michael Mishra feels outdated. Kayoze Irani shines as the hero’s best friend, Half Pant, but his dad, Boman, is wasted in a small role. Aditi Rao Hydari, too, has very little to offer. 

Why You Should Watch This Movie:  

The Legend of Michael Mishra is not for everyone. If you loved Bollywood films that released two decades ago, you’d probably like the movie. Otherwise, the two Hollywood releases, Jason Bourne and Suicide Squad are far more entertaining.