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The Past: Film Review – Dark Secrets Come Back To Haunt You

Verdict: A spooky package of love, lust, and plenty of horrors.

Putting us in yet another haunted mansion with plenty of thrills in store, The Past is director Gagan Puri’s debut film. The movie chronicles the experiences of Simran (Vedita Pratap Singh) and her sister Alia (Jaya Virlley) in a Lonavala bungalow that is full of deep secrets and a dark past. Produced by Peacock Motion Filmz, let’s find out whether this is the Bollywood thrill ride that we’ve been longing for.

What's The Past About:

The Past follows two sisters, Simran and Alia, who are looking to spend some quality time with each other. Yuvraj (Yuvraaj Parashar), the head of a publishing house, offers Simran who is a budding author, an opportunity to write a script at his holiday home in Lonavala. Both the sisters head out to the beautiful bungalow for a getaway. But when eerie events begin to occur around them, they are forced to dig up some dark secrets from the past.

The Past Film Review - BookMyShow Blog

What Works:

With his debut, the director Gagan Puri delivers the fearsome flair that makes good horror stories. He successfully manages to create a believably spooky environment and gives us some spine-chilling moments. The terror slowly builds up as we get to know the characters and their situations. You will genuinely be horrified when you find out the dark secrets from the past, and question who the real demon is.

The sound and cinematography are vital parts of this edgy experience. All thanks to the scary setting and great acting from the cast, you’ll have moments when you are truly freaked out. You’ll even manage to squeak and shriek in certain bits. Overall, you can be prepared to get all that you expected from a supernatural flick like this. 

What Could've Been Better:

Although the ominous music and the slow zoom-ins never fail to spook us in horror flicks, The Past has a few too many, at times. We also don’t really get to know the two sisters outside of the situation that they’re in, as more emphasis is given on the supernatural backstory. This makes it difficult to really empathize with the two girls, but it also lets us focus solely on the horror.

Why You Should Watch It:

If you’re a fan of the spooks and the supernatural, this film has everything you’ll need for some thrilling entertainment. So book your tickets for The Past and get ready for goosebump-worthy moments!