The Silent Heroes movie reviews

The Silent Heroes: Film Review – A Story of Unlikely Champs

Verdict: An eye-opening look at the trials faced by the differently-abled.

If you thought The Silent Heroes was going to be your typical Mahesh Bhatt film, you’re in for a surprise. Though they share the same name, both directors have very different styles of filmmaking. Different doesn’t necessarily mean bad, though.

The Silent Heroes takes the tried-and-tested story of an underdog, against whom all odds are stacked. In this case, our underdogs are 13 deaf children, who must fight for survival on a Himalayan mission. As they set out on a mountaineering expedition, the children try their best to prove themselves to their doubters – some of whom happen to be their own teachers. However, their biggest obstacle might just be their own physical limitation.

It’s nearly impossible to write about The Silent Heroes without mentioning the fact that it is the first Indian film of its kind. Though a lot of films have depicted the plight of the differently-abled, very few have actually given them a chance to shine and display their talents. The Silent Heroes doesn’t simply preach acceptance of the differently abled, it also practices this through the very film.

The story deserves special mention, since it never makes the children seem less human than able-bodied people. It showcases the mental strength and courage that allows them to triumph against all odds. Though it would’ve been easy for the film to turn into a 2-hour long pity party, The Silent Heroes is a tale of courage, acceptance and empowerment.

The actors who play the children’s mentors bring out the best in both themselves and the kids. Maanuv Bharadwaj, Mann Bagga, and Priyanka Panchal are noteworthy as the compassionate teachers whose only goal is to make the kids’ dreams come true. Simran Deep Kaur’s portrayal of the strict (and often, cruel) teacher, though, occasionally seems caricaturish and leaves a lot to be desired.

All things considered, The Silent Heroes is not your usual masala film. However, it is a tale of valor and persistence that will open your eyes to a whole new world.

Why You Should Watch this Movie:
The only thing better than watching the story of one underdog’s triumph is that of 13 underdogs. If you want to watch a film that dares to do something different, The Silent Heroes is your best bet this weekend.