Trapped: Film Review – Gripping, Thrilling, Disturbing

Verdict: Rajkummar Rao shines as the solo hero of this survival drama.

It is said that the most populated cities have the loneliest people residing there. Trapped somehow proves this statement and reveals how mechanical and mundane lives are in the city that never sleeps. After the terrific period romance drama Lootera, Vikramaditya Motwane is back with an equally terrific thriller, Trapped, which will remind you of all the movies that have had you terrified of staying alone.

The film is about Shaurya (Rajkummar Rao) who crushes on his colleague Noorie (Geetanjali Thapa). He lives in a small flat with a few flatmates. He is trying to make both ends meet like most of the people in Mumbai. He is hesitant to even talk to Noorie but still manages to take her out for dinner after a few abrupt conversations, where she reveals she is going to get married in two months. They still continue to meet each other and fall in love. Two days before Noorie's marriage, Shaurya asks her to marry him. She agrees and Shaurya hunts for a flat for them to stay after their marriage. Due to financial constraints, he zeroes in on a flat on the 35th floor of a deserted building, ironically named Swarg. He happily shifts the same day, but little does he know that it is going to be a much longer stay than he would have imagined. He gets stuck in the flat without food, water, electricity and with a broken door knob. Rest, is the story of his struggle with life, hunger, his fears and his will to live.

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The movie has a minimal cast with Rajkummar Rao as the lead and Geetanjali Thapa being the only other significant character. Rao's performance is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (excellent) and not even a single moment makes you feel the absence of other characters. He is at his best. He has perfectly depicted the character with the correct amount of fear and eagerness on his face; fear of dying alone at a deserted place and eagerness to get out of the trap and live his life again. This is definitely one of his best performances after Shahid, Aligarh, Citylights and others. His unconventional features give the character more relatability.

In his bid to survive, he does everything possible to survive from throwing help signs written with his blood to drinking his own urine. All of his actions prove that Shaurya's survival instincts are brighter than a normal person but it will only be of help if he manages to survive. More than feeling the pain, you will emphatize with his situation. Watching this film might make you never buy an apartment in a high rise.

The script is so real and genuine that nothing seems like a movie and the first thing you want to know about the film after watching it, is if it's based on true events. It looks as if the writer has been through all of it to put it on paper with such clarity. Everything from the flat to the props, character and story is flawless. One scene after the other, the film makes you wonder if Shaurya will be able to find a way out or just die there. The 103-minute-long movie is extremely gripping, thrilling and sometimes, even disgusting. A no-interval release will help the movie keeping the viewer more engrossed and anxious.

Trapped review - BookMyShow

Vikramaditya Motwane who has been praised for his realistic approach right from his debut Udaan, and then Lootera, has definitely surpassed expectations with Trapped. A film that was shot in less than a month with most parts shot in one apartment, makes it a unique one-room thriller. His framing in the film takes you near the character and feel the exact anxiousness. It is shot in a way that it makes the viewer claustrophobic. The camera and Rao cross each other several times making you feel as if you are right there watching the events unfold. This is another excellent job by the cinematographer, Siddharth Dhawan, who excels in realistic cinema with movies like Titli and Lunchbox to his credit.

Another remarkable thing about the movie is that it is not a cinematic celebration of a survivor but just a portrayal of a very important part of Shaurya's life.

The most important thing this film teaches us is that if you get a place to stay at an unrealistically cheaper price in Mumbai, you should be highly careful about it or well, just choose not to stay there. Well, only kidding.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Good films are rare and this is one of those rare good films. Rajkummar Rao has given it all to this character and is definitely one of his best performances. Watch the film to see the flawless intentions of the filmmaker. Also, if you are into thrillers, don't miss this one.