As a child, one of our biggest fascinations is probably the moon. It seems to be there, hanging in the sky, far far away like a fairy tale. It is a part of most of our stories, poems and lullabies. A round thing in the sky that shines in the dark sky and disappears in the morning, magically. Childhood is the time when one is blissfully unaware of science and prefers to enjoy a magical world of imagination. Tubelight Ka Chand is one such story of a little boy, who wants his own moon.

A seven-year-old boy, Tubelight, who is rather fascinated by the moon, spends nights trying to catch it. He jumps the highest he can, tries everything he can think of, but fails. But as is said, nothing can stop the mind of a child. He starts collecting light bulbs, wires, batteries, everything he'll possibly need to create his own moon. Meanwhile, all the missing bulbs create a different turmoil in the world of adults. It doesn't take long for things to turn into a big case of The Bulb Thief but nothing affects Tubelight in his pursuit to reach his love, the moon.

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The film has many references to the typical human nature. Everyone fails so see the obvious in a child's search of something unattainable. You notice him stealing, trying to build an electric circuit on his own and make his own moon but you fail to notice his loneliness and sadness. You might laugh at the fictitious assumptions and stories people make of the incidents, but do notice that the kid doesn't say a single world during the entire film. You wouldn't know what he would do eventually but you be curious to know all that is running in his head.

This Anurag Kashyap production attempts to explain the power of imagination, how it should not be underestimated and how one should never give up.

Watch a child's efforts to fulfill his dream here: