U, Me Aur Ghar: Film Review – India’s First Web-Based Feature Film

Verdict: A fragile execution but an entertainment revolution.

First things first – by fresh, we are not just referring to the portrayal of urban romance in the film but also the revolution brought by it in the commercial entertainment space. Kudos to the burgeoning success of Web Talkies that functions as an innovative digital home entertainment brand. It will go down in the country’s entertainment history for launching a first of its kind, web-based feature film U Me Aur Ghar, directed by Abhay Chhabra. So no more struggling to buy cinema hall tickets or getting up from your beloved bed on a holiday. Just visit a website and catch the feature film on your home screens.

The story is simple but highly relatable. An unmarried couple, Mithilesh and Chitranshi, victim to the orthodoxy of the Indian society, finds itself in a fix when one of their neighbors finds out their dirty little secret. When they are given an ultimatum of 15 days to vacate their flat, the couple faces their real relationship challenge amidst running helter-skelter searching a new home. The relationship is frayed and the couple breaks up over a really silly argument (for some time, you will just wonder what really happened?) And from here on, the hero’s starts tasting success, who finds another girl in the meantime, commits to her and later leaves her for his previous girlfriend.

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Only if all breakups led to successful careers and an instant realization of true love, we would have made stories on happily divorced couples. Omkar Kapoor is impressive in his role as Mithilesh, a too-good-to-be-true boyfriend who is also a musician (a fact we notice much later in the film). Omkar Kapoor was convincing in his character and we may be biased, but he just looks too cute on the screen to bash him up for little goof-ups here and there. Simran Kaur Mundi, on the other hand, could have done a lot better. Had she played her character with a little more conviction, it would've gone a long way. Certain scenes with a lot of potential just crashed badly because the characters did not know how to play them.

To talk about other things, the film’s side characters did a commendable job. The screenplay will impress you at times when you find subtle jokes being made on the elements of popular culture. Considering the beginning that uses lots of colors and gives the film an oil paint effect look, a lot of effort was made by the director keeping in mind the attitudes of the younger audience. A realistic picture of the actual problems that many career-oriented, migratory couple species face in a city like Mumbai, filled with an eternal dichotomy of right and wrong will make you identify with many problems, if not all. The film’s screenplay could have been structured with a clear sketch of all the characters, as most of the cast members seem unimportant or highly confused.

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With a predictable buildup, subpar script, average performances, tolerable music and lots of wrong messages. It's great that you want to patch up with your ex but what about that other girl you committed marriage to just yesterday? U, Me Aur Ghar, is just a one-time watch. Though it made a record as India’s first Web-based feature film, the film, if executed properly, could have done way better.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Experience the country’s first experiment in producing and directing a film for the Web platform. Also, if you are planning to catch up on a breezy romantic flick over the weekend for good laughs, identifiable characters, dialogues and jokes, you should definitely book your tickets on BookMyShow and watch this film.