UnIndian Review

unIndian: Film Review – Brett Lee is charming!

Verdict: unIndian is a raw, cross-cultural romance. 

unIndian marks the debut of the favorite Aussie fast-bowler Brett Lee in the world of cinema. He makes his debut with a romantic comedy by Anupam Sharma. The film is by Australia India Film Fund (AIFF) and Screen Australia. It is based on the Indian Australian community based in Sydney. 


Will, a teacher of ‘Aussie-English’ (Brett Lee) runs into an Indian single mother Meera (Tannishtha Chatterjee) at a Holi party. He is immediately attracted to her. And so begins the romcom story of a girl and a boy. But unIndian isn’t just a romantic comedy. It is filled with bits and pieces of the lives of Indian Australians. Right from finding themselves not enough Australian for Australia and not enough Indian for India to enjoying Salman’s Kick with the entire community. The film gives us their story.    

Brett Lee’s transition from the cricket pitch to the silver screen is a charming one. He manages to make you laugh, and charms with his boyish grace and twinkling eyes. He plays the madly-in-love card too well. Lee’s comic timing is supported by his Indian side-kick TK (Arkan Das) who acts as his guru in all things Indian, from ‘how to take an Indian girl out on a date’ to ICN – Indian Community Network – which is faster than BBC. Sadly, unlike Brett Lee’s incredible bowling, his acting skills leave much to be desired. The script doesn’t warrant a wide range of emotions. It is a little too riddled with cliches and there are one-too-many times when you feel like you’ve seen this before.  

Tannishtha Chatterjee is lovely, as is the adorable daughter Smita (Maya Sathi). Gulshan Grover is the baddie in the movie. But apart from his faithful villainous moustache, there is hardly anything that convinces us. Supriya Pathak is believable as the Indian-NRI mum who’s aching for her Indian values and traditions but turns up her nose at the thought of possibly moving back to India.   

Why You Should Watch This Movie: Watch unIndian if you like Brett Lee and would like to see him make his big silver screen debut. Watch the movie if you are in the mood for an Aussie romantic comedy with Indian.. er.. unIndian flavors. 

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