Verdict: Thrills galore, RGV doesn’t disappoint this time.

The film begins with a virtuous note by Voltaire – Society gets the criminal it deserves making you wonder if the movie again is going to glamorize crime celebrating another criminal who killed around 200 people and 900 elephants and some such. The film high on gore content should ideally have carried a disclaimer that those with a weak heart or hemophobia must avoid watching it. The very first murder in will make you cringe. You have been warned.

Tracing the life of Koose Muniswamy Veerappan commonly known as ‘Veerappan‘ who is undoubtedly remembered as the biggest brigand of India till date, the movie starts with a 360-degree camera spin with Veerappan (Sandeep Bharadwaj) in focus while he along with his troupe kill a bunch of forest officials. As soon as the shooting ends, the story of Veerappan is told by one of the officers of special forces who is briefing the newly appointed officials in the forest, and the rise of the dacoit is shown in montages and small sequences.

The movie moves with a rapid pace with a loud and engaging background score (quite common with RGV by now) giving the right feel to the scene keeping you gripped and interested in the story. The film is shot in real forest locations, which gives the film an authentic touch and a few highly picturesque locations add to the beauty. Do watch the movie if you live in a metro and have forgotten what trees look like.

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Bharadwaj has put in a serious and successful effort playing the dreaded man with the perfect mustache, body language and a South-Indian dialect. This is the closest you will get to see Veerappan laugh, kill and even, blush. He is a treat to watch and carries the movie. Usha Jadhav plays Muthulakshmi, the wife of the dacoit and is portrayed as an innocent person who dares to believe an outsider but her own husband, which is far from the litigious person she is in real life. Top notch performance though. Lisa Ray who plays the wife of an officer killed by Veerappan disappoints.

Sachiin Joshi, who plays the mastermind behind the operation leading the whole troupe with a no-nonsense attitude, does a decent job as the officer but does exploit the screen space (being the producer maybe) since Operation Cocoon was the work of a bunch of officers from the Special Task Force in reality.

If you are aware of the actual story, you will be able to note the rewrites of all the characters but the fast pace does not allow you to think as you try to keep up with the story.
To sum it all, Veerappan is a great one-time watch with abundant action sequences that are thrilling. If not chalking out a comeback of Ram Gopal Varma, this film will definitely help to forgive him a few of his recent damp efforts.

Why You Should Watch This Movie: 
Watch it if you want to see Ram Gopal Varma at a top of his game once again. Enjoy a crisp narration of the life of India’s most notorious dacoit, his rise and his undoing.