Verdict: A tribute to the talented engineers.

Sequel to the much-acclaimed movie Velaiilla Pattadhari, popularly known as VIP, released last week. The Hindi version of the movie released a week later and has all the quirks and entertainment that you expect it to have.

The film opens with Raghuvaran (Dhanush), a civil engineer, getting an award for Best Engineer. It was the only award in the function that was not won by Vasundhara Constructions, the number one construction company of India led by the high-headed Vasundhara (Kajol). Impressed by Raghu, Vasundhara offers him a job in his company but he declines the offer. This irks the proud businesswoman and she decides to take him down.

Dhanush is known for the challenging roles that he has portrayed in his films so far. In this movie, however, he plays a civil engineer and the guy-next-door, who is married and fears his wife. He is extraordinary at his work and keeps it cool, always. Dhanush has pulled off the character with ease and didn't leave any scope for criticism. Kajol, on the other hand, plays an arrogant and self-made businesswoman who believes her status makes her better than other people. She has done a great job with this one, looking gorgeous in her part, which kind of reminds us of Dilwale.

VIP 2 (Lalkar) Review - BookMyShowThe film keeps its entertainment quotient high as Dhanush's character carries abundant swag throughout the movie. There are a number of songs and action sequences too. Raghu faces a lot of ups and downs in his life and that keeps you hooked in an otherwise dragged storytelling. The movie is kept open-ended, which assured us of another sequel.

There's a significant difference in the way South Indian and Bollywood movies are treated by filmmakers. Dubbed movies tend to slightly tone down the flow of the story, affecting the overall movie experience. Kajol's dubbing is on-point but her voice-over changes every now and then, which can be quite distracting. But the translators have done a great job with the meaningful lyrics and dialogues of the original movie.

At the end, you feel that the movie could have been shorter, especially because the ending is vague. The conclusion turns sweeter than you can imagine it to be while watching. Dhanush and Kajol, nonetheless, save the show with their charm and talent.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
This is a movie for the fans of Dhanush. If you are one of them, do not miss this one, as he is nothing but charming throughout the movie. Kajol fans, please buy tickets. The movie is a tribute to engineers and reflects on their potential as a human being. The movie is a must-watch if you are looking for a feel-good wholesome entertainer.

If you need more reasons to watch VIP 2 (Lalkar), check out this video.Note: The film is a sequel and continues the story of the first part. It is recommended that you see the prequel or have an idea of the plot before you watch this one, so you get the references from the first movie.