The Virgins – Short Film Review

The title of the short film – The Virgins – makes you assume a lot about the film. However, it has nothing that you would expect. In a short duration of 19 minutes, the film deals with a topic Indian society is obsessed about – virginity. It is funny how the state of virginity defines a man and a woman in this country, and the same has been shown in this light-hearted short film, directed by Sandeep Verma who has also directed the critically acclaimed Manjunath.

The story revolves around Anika (Pia Bajpai) and Sushant (Divyendu Sharma) who have gotten hitched through an arranged marriage. Sushant calls Anika to meet him at a restaurant few days before their marriage and hesitatingly asks Anika about her boyfriend (Akshay Oberoi) and the kind of relationship they had. The date ends on an awkward note with Anika surprisingly asking Sushant if he is actually a virgin.

The film attempts to break the stereotypes regarding something that has always been a “taboo” topic for the society. It is a funny tale of a man trying to prove his manhood by losing “it” and a girl trying to prove that she hasn’t. It deals with the thinking of the current generation, which has evolved with time yet restricted by the bars of societal norms. It also reflects the helpless state of the Indian youth that is sandwiched between the traditional values and the modern influences and is still trying to find their comfort zone.

While Pia Bajpai and Akshay Oberoi play their parts effortlessly, Divyendu Sharma steals the show. He has gotten the awkward face and hesitation of a guy who is trying hard to be cool perfectly. The film breaks many stereotypes throughout the film and takes a look at the current times. It perfectly explains what happens when societal, orthodox expectations and upbringing meet what’s cool now.

Underneath all the fun and comedy, this short film leaves the viewers with a simple yet extremely important question to think about: Virginity – does it really matter today?

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