Verdict: A fantasy tale about rebirths that will make you believe in soul mates.

When Raabta’s trailer released, everyone got too excited to see the mysterious yet fascinating theme of reincarnation being explored one more time in Bollywood. Now, when Dinesh Vijan’s directorial debut has finally hit screens, it seems that the film was totally worth this long wait. Stunning visuals, magical background score, and pretty faces keep you hooked throughout.

The film begins with an over enthusiastic playboy Shiv (Sushant Singh Rajput) from Punjab shifting to Budapest along with his best friend played by Varun Sharma. While waiting at the airport lobby, Shiv, in an attempt to show off his charm, uses the casual conversation about an upcoming astral event called the Love Comet to impress a girl within seconds. Don’t you underestimate this scene, as this is one of the most crucial elements that holds the script together. The first magnanimous cinematographic beauty is experienced in the credit rolling scene that begins underwater and ends with an eclipse. We are then introduced to Kriti Sanon’s character Saira, a chocolatier who comes across Shiv when they meet at her patisserie. From here, their mysterious love affair begins. Amidst their contemporary mystic love, enters the villain Zakir Merchant (Jim Sarbh) whose arrival is conveyed by a warning given by a funny looking fortune teller.
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The story now takes an unexpected twist wherein the past lives of all the three characters are revealed. A love triangle based in the medieval past leads to an unexpected scenario that proves to be fatal to all the three lives. Back to the present, Saira realizes that there is no other way to protect Shiv but by marrying Zakir. So does she marry him? Watch the film to find out Saira's fate and the secret that their past lives hold? The final scene in the film will leave you anticipating the destiny of the soul mates. 
Raabta - BookMyShow BlogThough the writer could have done a better job, the real hero is director Dinesh Vijan who makes a spectacular debut which you must not miss at any cost. Also, the character of Saira needed a little more brushing. On the technical front, the movie boasts of an ace level cinematography thanks to the cinematographer Martin Preiss and breathtaking VFX. The underwater scenes with their rich aesthetic value are completely mesmerizing. Though the typical high ponytail with kohl black eyes has become Bollywood’s favorite way to show a medieval warrior, what strikes the eye is the action choreography where Sushant will just blow your mind with his screen presence. Deepika Padukone’s dance number is a visual treat. Rajkummar Raos potential as an old seer remains untapped while also Jim Sarbh’s obsessive love for Saiba isn’t too convincing. What stands out throughout the film is the lead pair’s sizzling chemistry and the picturesque camerawork backed by an amazing background score by Sachin-Jigar which is powerful, mysterious and hard-hitting. Sushant Singh Rajput delivers yet another phenomenal performance and will definitely win your heart with his humor and cute antics throughout the film. The film’s songs by Pritam do justice and we promise you cannot stop humming the title track and the romantic musical Ik Vaari long after the film is over.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

To check out the sizzling chemistry of the lead pair and irresistible charm of Sushant Singh. If themes of reincarnation, soul mates, astrology and fantasy brighten your mood, then Raabta is the perfect package for you. Watch it and get mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the film and its characters to get a brilliant cinematic experience this weekend.