Verdict: With a unique plot, Wah Taj pleasantly surprises.

Ajit Sinha, after having assisted many directors makes his debut with Wah Taj. The film is a comedy-drama based on social issues starring Manjari Phadnis, of Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na fame and Shreyas Talpade.




Wah Taj does not beat around the bush and begins with a Maharashtrian couple along with their daughter Lakshmi traveling all the way to Agra to claim the land of their forefathers, which happens to be the one on which the Taj Mahal is built. Within no time, the whole issue becomes the hot topic in every household and members of the parliament. Tukaram (Shreyas Talpade) and his wife Sunanda (Manjari Phadnis) have sufficient proof to show his ancestors received the land as a gift from Mughal emperor Humayun himself. The bargaining, compromise and settlement from the state in addition to some serious courtroom drama follow making the movie a very entertaining affair.

The plot is revealed in a very unique manner and surprise twist in the end complete with a meaningful message makes Wah Taj a recommended watch.

The movie, although satirical isn't offensive and offers decent doses of entertainment in its little less than a couple of hours run. The humor gets a tad dry in parts but the movie balances it out. Both actors have delivered what their characters demand in terms of performances. The story without exaggeration displays the selfish motives of every person, be it a social worker trying to get attention, the media chasing eyeballs or the politicians trying to get votes giving the movie a realistic touch.

Mostly shot inAgra and Mumbai, the film might not charm you with exquisite locations but has breathtaking stills of the Taj Mahal during sunset and in the moonlight. The music isn't really much to talk about.

Why You Should Watch This Movie
Engaging courtroom drama
with amusing performances from Rajeev Verma and Rajesh Sharma make the movie entertaining. Not to forget, the end contains a beautiful message for everyone and the film is surely worth a watch with your entire family.