War Chhod Na Yaar is India’s first war comedy that promises a fairly bright future for director Faraz Haider, who has assisted Dibakar Banerjee on "Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!"

Most of the film is set on the battlefield; exactly on the border of India and Pakistan. The film is preachy in nature and executes it’s message in a crass way, but for some reason doesn’t leave you in bad taste. It takes up the sensitive issue of the partition of India and Pakistan and the hate that has thrived between the two countries since then. The film also takes some extremely entertaining sarcastic jibes at news media.

The film portrays how Pakistani and Indian soldiers are sailing in the same boat. They’re nothing but victims of the greed of power-hungry politicians, forced to fight a war and make foes with people who once were their brothers. Rather than advocating the idea of patriotism, the film encourages fraternity and universal brotherhood.

I won’t say that film is a joyride all the way, but the director’s style of humor has a certain raw appeal. 

The end seems a tad dragged, and even supremely preachy, which almost makes the film lose it’s charm. But War Chhod Na Yaar has it’s heart in the right place, that’s what saves it from becoming a disaster and pushes it into the "not bad", "worth one watch" category.

Watching talented artists like Manoj Pahwa, Sanjay Mishra and Dalip Tahil(in multiple roles) onscreen was heart warming. It was also a pleasure seeing both Mukul Dev and Jaaved Jaffrey on celluloid after a long break. Sharman Joshi plays the role of an army officer and fits the bill perfectly. A special shout out to the man who plays a ridiculously funny goat herder in the film(the actor from Cadbury Shot’s "Man Mein Laddu Foota" advertisement).  The hilarious performances of all actors, except Soha Ali Khan, is reason enough for you to watch this flick. The film is a refreshing break from ‘run of the mill’ masala Bollywood flicks.

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