Adventurous, thrilling and adrenaline pumping; the adjectives that define a film like Shark or Pirhana, raise the hopes of the audience when you get down to knead a film with a theme much similar. The dread that such a film ought to bring is on many levels absent in film “Warning”.

A story very well-knit with decent acting lacks logic on many degrees (to begin with the name of the film. Why “Warning”?).  But before getting down to the spoilers of the film, it is important to reiterate the story.
Revolving around reunion of a bunch of friends- Gunjan, Aman, Bakshi, Sabrina and Anshul – the film spans for three days and is shot on a yacht. After a long time when these friends meet on a social networking site, they decide to come together once again and party like school times. One of the friends, Bakshi, has shifted base to Fiji and works on a yacht. He calls the rest to spend a few days with him. They agree and turn up as pre-decided.  Old friends re-acquaint themselves as each one is no more a lad or lass in school uniform. Sabrina is accompanied by her Husband and her baby, Sara. As the time passes they are once again the flock of frolickers, like they used to be, and dance around the islands of Fiji. On a bright sunny morning when Bakshi takes the yacht off the shore and brings it amidst the ocean, where all that you see is stretch of water with the sun rays kissing the waves, the fun begins. Each one gets down to take a dip and in a spur of moment when Bakshi storms at Sabrina to lift her in his arms, he accidentally presses a button which pulls off the boat ladders. Unaware of this mishap, the gang is chilling and soaking themselves in the water. Sabrina who suffers from hydrophobia when turns numb, the swim is called off. But as they find no ladder to climb the yacht, the adventure begins. The panic to survive and the fear of terrestrial predators haunts the team.
Touted to be India’s first underwater adventurous film, Warning, is an utter shock to the genre. The story which is said to be based on true events captures the beauty of Fiji and shall bonus its tourism industry. But it fails to delight the mighty hearts. Instead, it only becomes a story teller. With a few glimpses of predator the film turns into a chase for survival. You hear the cry of Sabrina’s baby in few scenes and in some, the fear howls. The background score enhances the film viewing experience but hysteria and panic makes up for thrill. And with a fight over a cell phone, it is proven that mobile phones play a significant role in a thriller genre films. Acting is upright and songs unnecessary. Involving a pet dog, Yeti, amongst the cast, is un-understandable. He neither barks nor adds an oomph factor to the film! Talking about the oomph factor, it shows its presence very well with three bikini clad ladies wandering the deck. You do grimace in few scenes but that’s that because you know what will follow.
You expect a happy ending and think that life will win over death then just for a passing thought, watch the film. But if you are looking out for some thriller then this won’t suit your taste buds because it is shrilly and 3D effects are ineffective.  However, the film is a fine start for the newbie director and the cast.

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