Verdict: A modern take on an age-old tale.

From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, Bollywood films have proven that the line between love and friendship is a thin one. Binod Pradhan‘s directorial debut, Wedding Pullav, explores the same relationship in an all-new way.

Wedding Pullav revolves around two friends who decide to get married in Thailand… Only, not to each other. However, their dream destination weddings don’t go as planned when they start developing feelings for each other. Will Anushka (Anushka Ranjan) and Adi (Diganth Manchale) be able to understand their feelings for each other in time, or will they be stuck in loveless marriages?

Though the film is primarily about Adi and Anushka’s relationship, their stories pale in comparison to those of the characters around them. Through their friends and families, the film explores various sides of love. It takes on puppy love, love that was never realized, toxic love and of course, lust.

Unsurprisingly, the highlight of the film is also the supporting cast. The film features strong performances by Upasna Singh, Himani Shivpuri, Satish Kaushik, Tripta Lakhan Pai, Rishi Kapoor and Karan V Grover. Their individual performances are noteworthy. However, it is their rapport with each other that is behind the film’s most delightful moments. Tripta Lakhan Pai‘s depiction of the sassy beeji is particularly outstanding.

Anushka Ranjan and Diganth Manchale do justice to their respective parts. Though their characters make some very questionable decisions, the actors make them likeable. However, it’s hard not to wonder if the actors would’ve done better with a script that was a little more original.

Wedding Pullav is a feel-good film. It takes a tried-and-tested formula and puts an all-new spin on it. Sadly, this works against the movie by making it predictable. It doesn’t take an astrologer to predict how the film is going to end. We’ve all seen at least a few iterations of the same plot, some of which have arguably been executed much better. Still, the film makes no bogus claims. Wedding Pullav promised to be a light-hearted entertainer, and that is exactly what it is.

However, the film’s flaws are easy to ignore, all thanks to its acting, soundtrack and cinematography. Wedding Pullav showcases breathtaking locations that will make you want to hop on the next flight to Thailand. It also has a surprisingly strong soundtrack that features both ballads and party anthems. We just know that songs like Party Karni Hai and Ishq Da Panga are going to be everywhere, this festive season!

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Wedding Pullav is a light-hearted romantic drama that delivers what it promises. It features scenic locales, promising young actors and groovy songs. Watch it if you want to watch a sweet, if slightly cliched, romantic comedy this weekend.