Welcome 2 Karachi – A welcome refreshment!

Welcome 2 Karachi is not the first war comedy film to be made n the country, but it surely is a refreshing change. And the difference from other movies lies in the simplicity of the characters and storyline. The film keeps walking at a steady pace and you keep walking along, never getting tired for a moment. Welcome 2 Karachi is the story of 2 friends Kedar (Jacky Bhagnani) and Shammi (Arshad Warsi). Kedar is your typical dhokla-munching-son-of-a-rich-businessman gujrati boy. And Shammi is an ex navy officer who gets court martialed for sinking a submarine. Birds of the same feather, ‘ridiculous’ is their middle name.

Kedar’s father owns an event management business, and he orders Kedar and Shammi to overlook a yacht party. But in a twist of fate, has the yacht gets caught up in a cyclone and the two land up on the shores of Karachi, Pakistan. Their visit to the neighbours coincides with a bomb blast in the country, which has an intelligence officer (Lauren Gottlieb) keep an eye on them. Here, what follows is a series of kidnaps, mishaps and foolish escapades which has the 2 friends land in messed up situations. Their height of their shenanigans is when, they blow up a Taliban basecamp, albeit by mistake.

The film presents clean and quality comedy with a satirical taste. One of the best parts is unlike other Bollywood films, Welcome 2 Karachi inspite of having a very pretty female star, steers absolutely clear of any sort of romantic angle and focuses solely on leaving the audience in splits all throughout. The film gets a bit stretchy in a sequence or two, but remains high pitched throughout. Jacky as an actor has made considerable improvement from his previous ventures and injects emotions and innocence in Kedar’s character making him adorable and funny at the same time. Arshad Warsi once again proves his brilliance as an actor and awes one and all with his comic timing. Lauren makes her presence felt, but only in the dance number. She is someone, we would have loved to see spending a bit more time, on-screen. Dalip Tahil and Pavan Malhotra play their parts well. Songs in the movie help in carrying forward the story and provide for a visual treat. Director Ashish R. Mohan has catered to us with a fun loving comedy film, which ends on a high note and leaves us with a smile.

Why should you watch this film?
The film is a delight. Added to it, Arshad and Jacky’s comic timing set up in an unusual background make this movie a perfect one time watch.

By Vikas Nopany