Verdict: A fun film for kids.

Years ago when Makdee released, kids absolutely loved the film. Shabana Azmi who played a witch managed to scare them but in The Wishing Tree, she does the opposite. The veteran actress plays a positive character who lives in a tree. So, what's so special about this tree? Well, you simply have to ask it for something and it will be granted. Every child who is in distress comes and cries near the tree and the next thing you know, their problems are solved. One girl prays for people to love her while a poor boy wishes to reunite with his mother. There's also Bobby Darling who is taunted for being the way he is and yes, the tree helps him too. The biggest favor the tree does is getting Shah Rukh Khan alright from an injury. A kid is his fan and when news of the actor falling ill breaks out, she asks the tree to cure him. 

Shabana Azmi who has proved herself acting skills in the past is given a very badly written character. Still the actress tries to give it her best and delivers her dialogues with sincerity. All the kids seem like they are having fun and that shows in their performances. It seems The Wishing Tree seems to have been made years ago as Rajit Kapur looks way younger. Director Manika Sharma took a noble idea of how we need to save our trees but the execution leaves much to be desired.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The Wishing Tree could have been an excellent film but the shoddy treatment is a huge letdown. Still, for children, it is an enjoyable one time watch. So, if your kids are bored this weekend, don't think twice before taking them for The Wishing Tree.