The Xpose is all about the lives and stories of those long lost years of Bollywood. Intrigue, politics, glamor, controversy and passion drive this film. Directed by Ananth Narayan Mahadevan, Xpose covers all of this with a touches of wit and over-the-top production. Himesh Reshammiya does his level best to be the mercurial Ravi Kumar, man of mystery and charm. Yo Yo Honey Singh gets his act together and make us believe in the slippery and opportunistic music director KD. We get to see the old school styled rivalry between two aspiring heroines, who are played by Zoya Afroz and Sonali Raut. However, Sonali’s Zara and Zoya’s Chandni characters are quite one dimensional. The film’s narration is done by Irrfan Khan, whose voice makes the whole thing fun. To be honest, if you are expecting a masala styled film with super cheesy one-liners, then you are in for a little bit of disappointment. There are few cool lines and you will cheer Himesh Bhai’s Ravi Kumar on more than one occasion. This movie is best viewed with a huge group, where everyone can get in on the action. The movie feels farcical at times and you will enjoy those moments immensely.

The Xpose is all about the lengths to which people go for success. In truth, the feel is a little campy. The film is recounted by Irrfan Khan and shown in flashback mode. Unfortunately, this hampers the story as there are multiple flash forwards as well. Set in the 1960s, we are introduced to a number of cliched characters. You get the two rival directors, rival actresses, one conniving music director, an anti-hero styled hero and the requisite background cast. It sells itself as a vintage musical thriller, but it fails to deliver on the thriller part. The music is catchy like most of Himesh Reshammiya‘s work. Yo Yo Honey Singh is actually quite good at being two-faced. Zoya Afroz’s Chandni is rather wooden and slightly off. As Zara, Sonali tries her level-best to be a sex-symbol but stops short. The movie meanders and takes its own sweet time in creating the thrill. You will either tear your own hair out or laugh out loud during the course of the film. You get the feeling that it doesn’t really take itself too seriously. As Ravi Kumar, Himesh hams it up to another level altogether. His one-liners are funny and semi-memorable. At the end of this movie, the story gets neatly tied off. Oh by the way, there are some obvious twists in the plot. Guessing them will be part of the fun. Also do not refrain from hooting during the songs. They are worth a hoot and a half. 


Why should you watch this film?
Firstly it is a Himesh Bhai’s film. "Suroor" makes a comeback. The movie is good fun when you watch it with your buddies. You will nudge each other and make silly comments about the dialogues. This is a movie for the weekend. All you have to do is get your tickets, leave your brain behind and let the silliness take you over.  

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