To sum it up in one word – Bad! Ya Rab is a movie based on Islam and terrorism. Despite having a very strong, interesting and intense concept, it failed miserably on the big screen.

Ya Rab – Jihad Against Terrorism
is a flawed movie in every sense. The movie revolves around the notion that any religion, especially Islam, is not about terrorism. It portrays how the innocent youth of today are brainwashed by some fanatic religious leader(s) in the name of religion to cause havoc and go on killing sprees. Something that starts off as a social issue that jeopardises the entire nation’s peace ends up being the cause of trauma for a single family.

Some brilliant movies have already made it to the big screen; dealing with this sensitive issue that "All Muslims Are Not Terrorists" but unfortunately for Ya Rab, it didn’t make the cut.

Defying all logic known to mankind, the movie’s list of flaws will baffle audiences. 

To start with,  all actors were either below average or just over-the-board with their screen presence. Bigg Boss 7 contestant Ajaz Khan as ATS Cheif Ranvijay Singh sincerely tried to deliver his best but failed miserably. His appearance seemed to be a parody of Aamir Khan from the movie, Talaash. With amateur acting skills, the cast of the movie surely needs to pay more attention on honing their acting skills. (Also)….What’s with the uniform moustache on every male characters’ face?

Coming to the technical aspect, Ya Rab is a by-product of confused direction, poor cinematography and editing, unpleasant sound effects and background scores, continuity issues and exceptionally bad VFX.

The only elements worth mentioning about the movie are:

  • An honest attempt to portray a strong social issue.
  • Quoting several verses from the Holy Book of Quran, highlighting the fact "respecting human lives" is all that matters.

Why must you watch this film?

Here’s the tricky part. Why should one watch this film? Only one – An interesting and intense issue has been dealt with in the flick.

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