This is the time to enjoy and have a shared laugh in theater. The madness and exuberance of Yamla Pagla Deewana is back again. It is a fun filled film with comedy being its genesis and a reasonably well written script woven around to give audience a good time in the cinema halls. The mayhem starts with the premise of a father -son duo (Bobby Deol, Dharmendra) who are experts con men and a morally upright Son (Sunny Deol) who is against the business of treachery and cheat for which his family is always game for. Rest of the drama in the film arises from this simplistic funda only. However at the same time, the area where YPD 2 scores is that the film sensibly aims at what it can achieve and sets out only to do that; to create a certain kind of comedy on a consistent basis.

The first half of the film starts on an entertaining note and a variety of characters come into the picture to keep the crazy momentum going. On a funny note, this seems like an array of characters trying to keep the entertainment meter always high in the film and manages to do that in its basic senseOf course those who aspire to see a more defined work in the context of a more composed movie will find a lot of weakness. For example, actresses have got nothing to do with the movie and the apparent redundancy in their characters makes it a cosmetic piece of work. It is perfectly justified perception, but at the same time they ought to remind themselves that YPD 2 is a funfare and never strives to achieve more than that.

One positive aspect of the movie is the way dialogues have been written, notably the frequent references to the blockbusters of Salman Khan (well thought out reminders to keep the commercial appeal ON). Then there is also a comedy around the legendary Spanish painter Salvador Dali for the added fun (Bobby Deol has acted well this time). However, as the film progresses in the later stages, it doesn’t manage to stand as a genuine work of comedy and falls into the cliched structure of this genre. This makes the film monotonous and the energy of freshness fizzles out in the end (also at few more occasions through out the film). This is a defintive limitation of YPD 2, but I think the writer and director did not embark on a venture to make this a landmark comedy also.
The lenght of the film is a little long and tighter editing could’ve made the movie even more crisp. The songs are average with the usual Hindi movie naach gaana; better they are few. Hence, if you are in a mood to see a light movie and have some genuine laughs (although few), YPD 2 is surely the film designed to do that.

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