Yeh Hai Bakrapur is the story of a poor family, who are struggling to make ends meet. When they find themselves knee deep in debt, the family decides that selling their goat, Shahrukh, might just help their situation. However, young Zulfi is unhappy about the possibility of losing his pet goat.

Zulfi enlists his sister’s boyfriend, Jaffar (Anshuman Jha), to help him out. Jaffar uses some paint to make it seem like Shahrukh’s fur spells Allah. As expected, the family decides not to sell him and choose to milk their "holy goat" for cash instead. Shahrukh, like his namesake, quickly becomes a star. However, intervention from the goat’s "grandfather", political parties and powerful Sheikhs complicates the family’s money-making plan.

At first glance, Yeh Hai Bakrapur seems like the kind of movie that is going to be unintentionally funny. However, the film is surprisingly witty and a refreshing change from the norm. It wonderfully tackles topics like blind faith, casteism and social inequalities in Indian society.

A great script is certainly improved by the remarkable performances. Anshuman Jha, who plays the charming Jaffar, shines in the film. However, the rest of the cast comes pretty close too. Asif Basra and Suruchi Aulakh, in particular, make lasting impressions as their respective characters.

The soundtrack, composed by Agnee, also deserves special mention. Foot-tapping numbers like Pair Anaadi and Pyaar Mein Bakranicely suit the theme of the film, while complementing the visuals.

However, the film has its fair share of flaws. 

Though the pace picks up eventually, the first twenty minutes of the movie seem just a little too slow. This could’ve passed in a feature-length film, but is less than ideal in a 97-minute film.

Apart from this, the film also seems to have wasted some opportunities. Naming the goat Shahrukh is one of these. Though the promos made it seem like the goat’s name would have some significance, there is none, save for a few tongue-in-cheek references. Inspite of these, naming the goat Shahrukh feels like a cheap ploy to garner publicity.

All things considered, Yeh Hai Bakrapur is an entertaining film that is bound to polarize viewers. You’re either going to love the movie, or wish that the bakra had been turned into biryani instead. 

Why should you watch this film?
Yeh Hai Bakrapur is a witty, entertaining and thought-provoking film. It makes its point in a subtle way, keeping it from ever getting preachy. The brilliant acting coupled with the killer soundtrack and visuals makes it worth watching.

Still not convinced? Watch it for Shah Rukh. After all, "Shah Rukh toh Shah Rukh hi hai na, bakra hai toh kya hua?"

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