Review: It is that moment when I’ve been over-exposed to awesomeness by the superb work exhibited by Ayan Mukherji yet again in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, almost 4 years after his debut film, Wake Up Sid released. There are absolutely no complications involved, just a simple love story that go through various phases simultaneously showing the challenges that the film’s protagonists face before finally ending up together. You may consider this a spoiler, trust me it isn’t. Just when you think ‘all’s well that ends well’, there’s something new that is brought about.

It may have been a herculean task to bring a former real-life couple, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone to share screen space especially when everyone’s aware of the rife rumor mills and the usual talk of the town. However, the two came back to work together after Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008) purely in the name of friendship that they share with the film’s director. What you wouldn’t have expected however, was the professionalism with which the performances have been handled. Off the new-age couples, Ranbir-Deepika sure make a great onscreen couple, and from a totally unbiased perspective I state that the two should be cast together in more films, playing varied roles like Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, perhaps.

The film takes you on a world tour spread over a period of 10 years approximately, yet brings you back home in the end. Fortunately, it restores the warm, fuzzy feeling of love, of belonging, of bonds. The dialogues are sappy at places, nonetheless, great. Maybe the comparison between Mumbai and other parts of the world, which was beautiful the way it was executed, could’ve had a few more elements, in my opinion. Yes, it was a discussion between two people, hence it was more about a personal choice, however, they could’ve been shown from a broader perspective. Simultaneously, a destination wedding gave actors and the director to show a panoramic view of the wedding, the people, the functions and the destination overall. In one word, magnificent. The elements of the love story were quite obvious, you were only waiting for them to unfold in the total run time. You may feel that you’ve seen this all earlier, in films that came and went; yet it will keep you interested through it’s subtle lessons on the concept of Carpe Diem and Living your Dream. Why I say that your faith in love will be restored with this film is because it subtly tells you how when you love someone, the person shall come back to you despite the circumstances. Go watch the film because the feeling shall linger on for a long time, maybe even call for a re-run in your minds.

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