Vashu Bhagnani’s latest gift to his son, Jackyy, is a film directed by debutant Syed Ahmad Afzal about a young, fun-loving man who is thrown into a world of politics and is expected to lead the country when his father, the PM, played by Boman Irani, passes away. While you see too many similarities with regards to the current scene in the country as of today, you can’t help but wonder how ridiculous the execution seems. The only saving grace in the entire film was the mere presence of the Late Farooque Shaikh. How we miss you, Sir. 

Having said that, one must appreciate the effort that the lead actor puts in his films, only that they inevitably fall flat every time. For a strange enough reason, he comes across as a terrified lamb when he faces the camera, and that’s where he loses out, every single time. Something similar can be said about the film’s female lead, Neha Sharma, who plays her “hungry for attention” girlfriend part well, but the ‘act’ becomes too redundant after the first few minutes. 

The problem in the film is mostly the lazy writing. It makes everything look like a nincompoop-ish affair. That’s not something that Young Hindustan urf Youngistaan looks forward to. There are forward-thinking elements, yes. But the presentation was a mere disappointment. With a script that could have been the next blockbuster of the season, it came across as mostly a laughable affair towards the end. But as a person with a positive outlook, a film that surpasses all expectations from the father-son duo is something that we eagerly await. 

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