Zid is a story of unrequited love, obsession, lust and revenge. The plot features up and coming crime journalist Rohan Achrekar (Karanvir Sharma) and his obsessed lover, Maya (Mannara). With an engaging plot full of sinister twists and turns, Zid manages to hold your attention long enough to surprise you in the end. Like most crime thrillers, there is a flashback that lets us in on the events that unfold. 

Rohan moves into an outhouse to cover a story, where he meets his neighbor Maya, who falls head over heels in love with him. After a party, the couple meets with an accident, resulting in the death of a young woman, Nancy. Both Rohan and Maya, in the heat of the moment, run away from the scene, in fear of getting caught. They later find out that the girl who was killed was the stepsister of Rohan’s ex girlfriend, Priya (Shraddha Das). While Rohan and Maya want to cover up the murder, Priya stands to gain Nancy’s fortune. The story then begins to throw some twisted questions our way – Was it murder? Who is to blame?

Karanvir Sharma is convincing as a young and outgoing journalist. He switches from playing a steely writer to being a love-struck young man stuck between the affections of two women. Mannara is more than just a pretty face, playing a psychotic lover and a sultry siren. The background score is chilling, but doesn’t help the plot. Vivek Agnihotri’s directorial venture after Hate Story is commendable, but lacks in pace and intensity. 

Why you should watch this film?

Zid is a psychotic thriller that will surprise you with its gripping plot and keep you hooked till the very end. Moreover, the convincing roles and a high sensuality quotient make the  film entertaining and worth a watch. 

By Karan Raikar


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