99: Film Review – A Reunion to Remember

Verdict: 99 recreates the magic of its Tamil counterpart using reminiscence as a theme to entwine love.

The engrossing romantic movie 99 recreates the magic of Tamil movie 96 for the Kannada audience. The surrealistic picturization directed by Preetam Gubbi sets an entangling tone to the screenplay and narration. Interestingly, with Ramu’s partnership as the producer, the movie features first-class actors Ganesh, Bhavana, Sameksha, Hemanth and Ravishankar Gowda. With Arjun Janya’s enchanting composition for his hundredth film, the story goes through an emotional journey with the stunning voices of Shreya Ghoshal, Armaan Malik, Sonu Nigam, and Vijay Prakash.


99 revolves around the reunion of the unfulfilled journey of two lovers who rekindle their school memories. Ram (Ganesh) is a travel photographer striving to make his monotonous life better through photography. His self-surprising visit to his school leads to a reunion of the famous 1999 batch after twenty years. On the same day, Ram bumps into his high-school sweetheart Jaanu (Bhavana) and is visibly uncomfortable with the rendezvous. Soon after, they travel back to the past where it all began, rolling the camera to a flashback. A history of their love story portrayed by young Ram (Hemanth) and Jaanu (Sameksha) gives a visual description of how their present situation might be rewritten.


The screenplay of the picturesque landscape of northeast India enunciates the initial scenes with an understanding of the characters. Sameksha and Hemanth are exceptional with the young characters of Jaanu and Ram. The high school love story in 99 is depicted flawlessly and shares a commonality with school life in real that anyone can relate to. On the other hand, Ganesh and Bhavana are simply perfect in their parts. The tunes instrumented by Arjun Janeya from the phenomenal voices of the most renowned singers in the industry flares up a scenic beauty and aroma to the undying romance. The soothing music is heart-melting and powerful to make the audience fall in love. Likewise, the camera records the past and the present of the characters’ lives by introducing the concept of memory play (flashback) to stabilize and comprehend the plot. Periodic introduction to momentary and substantial comedy by Ravishankar guarantees claps and giggles. Apart from this, the movie’s solidarity to connect with spectators through realism makes the story worthwhile.


The screenplay could have been improved to relinquish a few odds. The emotional flow of the story would have been much approved if it was as intensified. Otherwise, the movie is a set of iconic shots presenting a romantic tale.


The audience can relate to the movie mainly because it resembles an unspoken or spoken story of school days. Secondly, the movie has a strong emotional catch from which no one can escape. Thirdly, it is a family movie that can be watched and enjoyed with everyone. Fourthly and lastly, the drowning music is a thing of joy for music lovers. Therefore, 99 is an excellent package for those who appreciate Indian romantic films.

By Anagha Nair

BMS Editor: