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Attempt To Murder: Film Review – A Crime Drama That Makes Your Toes Curl

Verdict: An engaging and a gritty film.

Debutant writer and director Amar Gowda delivers a fairly good movie with a great storyline, this being a true story and all. The movie manages to keep you at the edge of the seat till the very last second and with twists at every scene, it was nothing short of the crime thriller it intended to be. With an extremely talented cast, a limited number of songs and a good story to tell, the Sandalwood industry has taken a turn for the better.

Attempt to Murder - BookMyShow

What is Attempt to Murder about:

Based on true events, this story talks about a series of murders that happen in Bangalore and the way the story unfolded. It begins with an over-zealous reporter Priya (Hemalatha Vijaykumar) who stumbled on a cold case from two years ago of a woman who was beaten to almost death. She isn't able to shake it off and considers rehashing it in an attempt to give her a big break in her career. She then takes it to CDI officer Inspector Amar (Vinay HS), who, with his team, tries to track down the murderer by making connections. We are then given a substory of a couple Riya (Shobhita) and Shivu (Chandu Gowda) who could possibly be an accomplice in the case. Watch the film to know how this unfolds for everyone involved. 

What works:

There are many drone shots in the film paving the way for good camera work and shows the effort that is put into this film. The sub-story does not stray off from the main storyline and the story progresses smoothly. For actors who are fairly new, they are incredibly talented and are good actors. The songs are limited and the story overall does not feel too dragged and is as relevant as it can get. Special recognition needs to be given to the antagonist Surya. He brilliantly portrays the devilish mannerisms of a hardcore criminal, which sends a chill down your spine.

What could've been better:

The film, albeit has good camera work, feels like it is over executed with unnecessary style. A few of the scenes like inspector Amar holding the Rubik's cube despite its metaphorical meaning seemed unnecessary. 

Why you should watch this film:

A good Sandalwood film with no masala is relatively hard to find. This film is all about the story and the justification of the same, which is done rather brilliantly. Kudos to the debutant director Amar for this film. If you love nail-biting, toe-clenching crime thrillers, this is the movie for you.

By Nikita Fernandes