Verdict: Definitely something wonderfully different!

When you bring together great acting, a tight script, some amazing direction and unbelievably good music — you know you have a hit! I’m not one to praise out-and-out commercial films but Chakravyuha is very, very different. From the pace of the narrative to Puneeth’s outstanding acting, this rehash of M. Saravanan’s Ivan Veramathiri, proves that a director can really ‘recraft’ his art. Chakravyuha is slick and entertaining, and the irrelevant comedy track, for once, doesn’t take much away from the storyline.

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What makes Chakravyuha really work, however, are its performances. Puneeth Rajkumar might seem close to Superman in this movie, but he also manages to carry off the role of an atypical Bangalore Kannadiga boy. Of course, most boys would not and cannot pull of the stunts he does, but you know, he seems the perfect pakkath maney types (someone from your locality). Rachita Ram is fabulous! I’m out of words for this actress and I’m not too sure if it is her or the talent of the director, but she manages to pull off one of the most lovable characters seen in Sandalwood. Arun Vijay is brilliant as the antihero and while this isn’t the first time we’re seeing him pull off this role, this film marks his debut in Sandalwood. There’s definitely something about this good-looking villain that makes you want to watch him more.

What also stands out in Chakravyuha are the background score and the amazing songs. It’s been forever since a movie managed to make a profit just through its audio rights and for good reason, too. From the song Geleya Geleya sung by the talented Junior NTR (Tollywood) to the duet Yenaaithu featuring the voices of Puneeth Rajkumar and Kajal Aggarwal — the film’s songs are perfectly timed and will stay with you for some time to come. My personal favorite, however, is Ninthalli Nilalaarey, sung by the refreshing Megha. Kudos to S. Thaman for a beautifully balanced audio album that perfectly complements this blockbuster!

Chakravyuha is that film you can take your family to and be completely sure of complete entertainment. We’re hoping Puneeth Rajkumar continues to make such good commercial cinema in the future, too. My Friday is made!

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
For the magic of Puneeth Rajkumar, the incessantly cute Rachita Ram and for great performances by senior artistes Bhavya and Sithara.

– By Romal M. Singh