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Dandupalya 3: Film Review – As Gritty As It Gets

Verdict: Brace yourselves for a gripping ride.

The infamous and notorious "D-gang" have had their fair share of depiction in the two prequels and Dandupalya 3 talks about their story retrospectively. Gory and gripping, the film shows the sides of both the police and the supposed guilty in this infamous crime story

What's Dandupalya 3 about:

The film picks up from the second film's ending and shows the journalist questioning the gang about their story and their plausible innocence. She then goes on to publish this story and accuses the police force and the inspector Chalapathi (Ravi Shankar P.) of police brutality. The leaders of the gang, Kempi (Pooja Gandhi) and Krishna (Makarand Deshpande), explain their innocence to the journalist. Their innocence is debated by the entire nation during which Inspector Chalapathi explains how the case was solved and what seemed to be the right course of action to bring the numerous murders and rapes committed by the gang to justice.

Dandupalya 3 review - BookMyShow

What works:

The insanity that is portrayed by Makarand Deshpande is absolutely engaging and scary at the same time. It is uncomfortable, honestly, which goes to show the brilliance of Deshpande's performance. Pooja Gandhi has also done a good job at showing her dark side without even delivering many lines. The film does a great job of trying to get us in the criminals' minds and explain how they came to be the way they are. 

What could've been better:

Dandupalya 3 is a very serious movie so the humor between the scenes to ease the crowd could have been lesser as it shifts the tone of the film. Despite this, the film manages to be quite honest and brutal to a point that it is uncomfortable at times.  

Why you should watch this film:

This film is gruesome and tells you an infamous story in a rather different view. We suggest you take as many people with you as possible and inform yourselves of this story as this one must not be missed.

— Nikita Fernandes