Verdict: Gentleman has plenty of emotional moments with some thrilling action.

Jadesh Kumar’s highly awaited movie is finally here. Gentleman has all the components expected from its director. With Guru Deshpande as the producer who owns a filmmaking institute in Karnataka, the movie has all the possibilities to hit the box-office. There is a mixture of dark and romantic music by Ajneesh Loknath that keeps you entertained throughout the scenic experience. While the handpicked cast of superstars like Prajwal Devaraj, Nishvika Naidu, Sanchari Vijay, Vijay Chendoor, Raghu Ramanakoppa, and Prashanth Siddhi do their wonders, it is the child artist Baby Aaradhya who has a possibility to bag an award for this one.

What’s Gentleman About:

Gentleman is no story of a gentleman but about a guy with ‘sleeping beauty syndrome’. Bharat (Prajwal Devraj) sleeps for eighteen hours a day and his remaining six hours are spent on meaningful work and self-development. Somehow, this syndrome starts affecting his love life and to balance it out, he quits his job, overlooking the tragedies that are yet to strike his life. On one such incident, he loses his loved ones when his niece is abducted by the mafia. Would he be able to overcome his syndrome or would the syndrome overcome him? Gentleman has all the answers.

What Works:

The director has touched upon two uncovered concepts and issues through this movie. Firstly, we get to learn about a sleeping disorder that’s a rare abnormality. Secondly, we are also hit with the issue of embryo trafficking and the rate at which the mafia business takes place in the world. The music by Ajneesh Loknath has a touch of two extremes – one that gives you bliss and the other one that takes you into complete darkness. He balances it fantastically through his creative tunes and voices. The juxtaposition of Kumbhakarna and Bharat is a symbolic act to the power that the characters hold when they are made to fight for their loved ones. Prajwal Devaraj’s performance in this movie is applaudable with his emotional bits, action, and on-screen chemistry with Nishvika Naidu. This sets the tone of the movie. Apart from their acting, there is Baby Aaradhya who stupefies with effortless acting and a cheerful face. A special mention to the emotional scenes empowered by some brilliant action by Prajwal.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The story after the interval is a bit dragged but it keeps you on the seat for the struggles the protagonist is facing. A few scenes could do better without any music. It seems like the plot is framed to place the music and to capture the act that adds little relevance to the story. The focus of the movie is entirely on the protagonist’s life and the problems that he faces. Somehow, a social issue like embryo trafficking bangs at his door and it just becomes another puzzle for him to solve within six hours.

Why You Should Watch:

Every masala movie fan’s dream comes true with Gentleman. Here’s a family movie with some classy emotional touch and strong action sequences. It has romance, thrill, and plenty of surprises. Even at three hours, Gentleman is worth your time.